When I meet them L.H

Everything changed when I met Calum Hood,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings.


52. umm...

Luke's POV

I ran out of the studio and into my car."Luke mate,where you going?!" Ashton yelled from the door "Abby's in labour" I said "ABBY'S IN LABOUR!?!" He yelled and Calum and Michael came running "we're going with you" they said and got in the car.I drove as fast as I could.We got there and I told a nurse what was going on and she led me to Abby's room.

Abby's POV

"Where's Luke?" I cried "he's on his way" Halla said."Honey you need to start pushing" the doctor said.Suddenly the door swung open and Luke ran to my side."Luke!" I said "I'm here,sweetie" he said holding my hand and kissing my forehead."Good luck!" Halla said before leaving the room."Time to meet Melody" Luke said."Okay sweetheart push" the doctor said.I pushed with all my strength a couple times.After a while I was so exhausted and I felt dizzy and lightheaded."Two more!" The doctor said.I shook my head and closed my "I can't do it" I panted "Yes you can" Luke said "no,Luke" I said "please babygirl,I believe in you please just push two times and we'll have our princess in our arms" he said then kissed my forehead and gripped my hand.I yelled whilst pushing.The shoulders were getting out and the pain made me move like crazy in the hospital bed.I cried,yelled and whined at the pain.I instantly fell back on the bed and a loud cry filled the room.I panted and closed my eyes."Good job,baby" Luke said pecking my lips.I looked over to see them cleaning her and even though they weren't done,she looks beautiful."She's beautiful" I whispered before hearing a really fast beeping noise and my eyes closing.

Luke's POV

I was happy crying while I saw how they cleaned Melody.That's our baby,she's finally here.I heard a fast beeping noise and looked at Abby.She was pale and her eyes were closed."Nurse,take the baby out of the room!" The doctor said "We're losing her!!" The doctor yelled while he checked Abby's pulse "Going slow!!" He yelled.I started crying and shaking.I don't know what's going on."What's going on?" I asked "We're losing her,son I need you to wait outside" he said "no! I'm not leaving Abby" I cried and a nurse pulled me out.I punched the door and sobbed.I can't lose her.

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