When I meet them L.H

Everything changed when I met Calum Hood,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings.


49. talks (not really)

Abby's Pov

I woke up to see Luke getting ready."good morning,babygirl" Luke said coming around the bed and kissing my forehead "good morning" I said."I'm going to the studio" he said frowning "you know you have to and you can't stay" I said and he nodded "It's not like I want you to leave because I don't but you really have to go to the studio" I said "I know I just don't want to leave you alone...but I called Poppy and Halla to come" he said and I nodded "thank you for always caring" I said "Always" he said.I got up and went to the bathroom to do my morning stuff.

I got out of the bathroom and got changed into Luke's hoodie,blue sweatpants and fuzzy socks.I got in bed again and Luke came in the room with breakfast "I'm not that special but okay" I said laughing making him laugh as well."Thank you" I said and he pecked my lips."I have to go" he said and "have fun" I said.He kissed me and stopped by the door "I'll call you every five minutes" he said "okay" I laughed "I love you" he said "I love you too" I said back "I'll call you" he said again "okay" I laughed "I love you" he said...again "I love you too" I said "I'll call you every-" he started "Luke!!" I cut him off laughing "okay okay" he said and left."I love you!!" I heard yell from downstairs making me laugh.

The girls came and we're currently in my bed talking."Do you think Michael really loves me?" Halla asked out of nowhere "of course!!" Poppy said "that's a stupid question...Everyone can see how much he loves you" I said "I just get scared of losing him" she said "you won't lose him" I said."Have you talked with Luke about the wedding" Poppy asked "no" I said "well you have to!" They both said at the same time "it happened like a month ago,it's too soon" I said "too soon,Fred!?" Halla said "yes too soon,George" I chuckled "well what's your ideal wedding?" Poppy asked "well...I would like something fancy but not too fancy oh and fun of course but idk" I said "interesting" Poppy said sarcastically "I don't know" I said "okay well what about your dress and hair?" Halla asked "well for dress I would like it sparkly and maybe long sleeved,puffy but not too puffy and for hair maybe something braided with flowers or something like that" I said and spent like two hours looking at pictures of wedding dresses.

A little bit after the girls left look got home."I'm home!" He yelled from downstairs and came to the room."Hey,baby" he said hugging "hey" I said "how was your day?" He asked sitting down "good,we talked about the baby,the engagement and other stuff,how was yours?" I said and he smiled when I mentioned the baby and the engagement "good,I finally recorded my bits and don't have to come back for a little while" he said."The doctor said you could start doing your daily stuff again a week after and it's been two weeks" he said "I know but I'm scared" I said "everything will be fine" he said and kissed my cheek "three months" he said resting his hand on my bump "I know!" I said and he squeezed my hand."Also the boys are downstairs eating pizza" he said making me laugh "okay" I said.He leaned in and kissed me desperately."whoa" I said when he pulled away "can we?" He asked and I nodded.He carried on and took my hoodie off and kissing all the way down my neck to my stomach.I tugged on his shirt until he took it off.I took off my pants and he took of his.I sucked his neck leaving love bites making him moan.I palmed his hard turning him on even more.He grabbed my neck and started kissing me passionately while I ran my hand all over his hair moaning.He connected our lips our tongues battling."Luke just do something" I moaned and he smirked "shush" he said he kissed my neck all the way to my inner thighs taking my underwear off.He licked my entrance then suddenly out of nowhere pushing two fingers making me moan loudly."Shit look faster" I moaned and he did as I said.He took them off and came on top of me pushing his dick inside of me making me gasp.He grabbed the bed sheets and started going as fast as he could."Is that all you got" I teased making him laugh weakly "fuck,abby" he moaned "LUKE" I yelled "faster" I moaned and he went even faster and harder.He kissed my neck sucking on it.We were both yelling our names.My phone buzzed and I tried to get it but Luke stopped me."It could be important" I said panting and he nodded "but keep going" I said chuckling.I checked my phone to see a texts from Michael.

M-OMG could you guys be any louder?!

M-I think the bed is going to break

M-Are you okay?

M-It sounds like it hurts

M-oh oh

M-here we go

M-Come on,Lucas


Luke thrusters really hard when he sent the last text.I laughed and threw my phone.

We both fell asleep after we finished.

A/N-Had to skip some stuff from that sex scene😂🙈 I was listening to Halsey while writing that...hope you guys liked it!! I love you all!!❤️❤

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