When I meet them L.H

Everything changed when I met Calum Hood,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings.


36. silly day

Abbys POV

It's been three weeks since Sophie passed away and I've been doing good.Im happy and that's good for the baby.My bump has gotten bigger.I'm a month and three weeks pregnant.I'm currently in the back room playing with Halla Call of Duty as always since it's our favorite game."Abby what the fuck" She groaned "hey it's not my fault I'm better at his game" I said teasing her.She threw the controller to the ground which made me laugh "you're just like Michael" I laughed "I heard my name" Michael said peeking his head through "Halla is pissed at me for winning" I said and he laughed.We went to the mini living room joining the others."Where's Poppy and Ashton?" I asked "both of them are in the bathroom doing God knows what" Calum said.As soon as he said that,they came out and went to the back room giggling."Oh okay" I said chuckling "Where are we heading today?" I asked "Well we don't know but...nope we don't know" Michael said taking a banana "We should go out I mean we haven't been out for a while since we've been so busy" Calum said "Where should we go?" Luke asked.We started planning our day but the 1D boys couldn't go with us because they were gonna be all day recording."Okay let's go" Luke said holding my hand and heading out the door."Omg a Hottopic" "Omg a pet shop" Michael and Calum said at the same time "let's go to hottopic first" Luke suggested.We went in hottopic and went wild in there buying everything we saw.I was looking at some twenty one pilots shirt when my phone started ringing "hey" I said "where are you?" Poppy asked me through the phone "we're in Hot Topic" "Why did you leave us?" She asked me making me laugh "because you two were two carried away doing stuff" I said "oh yeah hehe umm just wait us there and we'll be right over" she said in an awkward tone "okay" I said.I went to the others and told them to wait up for them.We went outside in front of the store and sat down on the floor waiting for them "ugh it's so hot" Calum groaned "I know and I'm wearing a hoodie" I said "why don't you take it off" Luke asked me "because I don't have any shirt under" I said and they all laughed.I rested my head in Luke's lap still waiting for the lovebirds to come."Heyyy they're here" Michael said went up to them "you know you could've at least taken a shower" He continued making us all laugh "anyway we're here" Ashton said and we all stood up and continued.We went in the pet shop and Calum went crazy petting every cat and dog he saw.

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