When I meet them L.H

Everything changed when I met Calum Hood,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings.


11. school and date


I woke up and instantly remembered that today is my date with Luke OMG I'm so excited!!! I did my morning stuff and went to downstairs to find Erik and Erika and mom and dad.''Is everything okay?" I asked them ''Abby we have some news'' mom said,it scared me.''You and the twins are starting school tomorrow'' dad said ''WHATT!?'' the twins yelled ''what school are we going to?'' I asked ''Norwest Christian College'' mom said and I remembered that the boys go that school.''Cool'' I said and went upstairs.I don't have a YouTube channel anymore because I quit yesterday.I made a quitting video and I honestly feel really happy now that I'm not a YouTuber because when I was making videos it just didn't made me happy.Someone knocked on my door and then my mom came in ''Honey we're going out,do you want to come with us or do you want to stay here?" mom asked ''I'll stay here'' I said ''okay,I love you" she said and left.Poppy called me ''Hey are you home?'' she asked ''yeah why?" I asked her ''never mind,I'm coming'' she said and I laughed.Two minutes later she came.''Hey'' she said ''hey...are you okay?'' I asked her since she looked nervous I don't know why.''Oh me? yeah,come on I'm gonna help you get ready for your date'' she said grabbing my hand and heading upstairs.''Okay go take a shower and while you're on it I'm going to pick an outfit for you...did Luke say where he's taking you?'' she asked me ''no he just said something like ''wear something casual but cute'' I begged him to tell me where we were going but he would just say that it's a secrete'' I said.''Okay now gooo'' she said pushing me to the bathroom.I took a shower and went out to see an outfit on my bed.''I like it'' I said to Poppy.I changed into it which was a peach summer dress with white sandals.Poppy then did my hair into a messy side braid.I did my make up really simple.''Okay,I have to go but you look beautiful...I did a good job'' she said and I laughed at the last part ''thank you'' I said and she left.I waited for like 15 minutes and then there was a knock at the door.I went downstairs and opened the door to see Luke standing there with a rose on his hand.''You look beautiful'' he said and made me blush ''thank you,you look handsome'' I said and he blushed ''thank you'' he said and we left.He opened the car door for me which made me giggle a little.''Where are we going?'' I asked him ''you'll see'' he said and started driving.We got this grassfield and he opened the door for me and made me giggle again.He went to the back of the car and grabbed some blankets and a picnic basket.Luke laid the blankets on the floor and got the food out of the basket ''I couldn't get a big screen so we could watch a movie but I brought my IPad and downloaded ''If I Stay...'' I hope that's okay'' he said so cute ''It's okay...I like this'' I said looking around ''I like you'' he said while starring into my eyes ''I like you too'' I said.We ate and started watching movie.Half way through the movie we were starring at each other.Luke leaned in while looking my lips,me doing the same.We both leaned in until our lips were touching.We kisse for what felt like forever.He placed his in my back while we were kssing.We stood up and went to the back seat of the car.Luke was on top of me kissing me when...''wait'' he said ''are you sure you want to do this'' he asked me ''yes...but I'm still a virgin,will it hurt?'' I asked him ''I think so...this will be my first time'' he said and we kept kissing.He started kissing my neck and sucking on it which me moaned a little.I was tugging at his shirt until he took it off then taking off my dress.I was kissing his neck all the way to his stomach.He then took off my bra kissing my neck again all the way past my boobs to my stomach leaving wet kisses.He took of his pants then his boxers and I took of my underwear.He positioned himself on top of me and said ''I'll go slow,I promise'' I nodded and he went in me really slow.It hurt like hell but soon the pain got replaced my pleasure.We were both a moaning mess.''Luke faster'' I begged him and he did as I said and his thrusts were getting faster and faster by the second.''Fuck,Abby'' Luke said.I was running one of my hands through his blonde and the other resting on his back.We reached our highs ''Abby I'm going to cum'' Luke said and he pulled out cumming next to me as I cummed too.We were both laying next to each other naked,panting and sweating like never before.''That was amazing'' I said and he chuckled 'It was'' he said and then we both started laughing at nothing.''Abby?'' Luke said after like 5 minutes of silencen ''yeah?'' I said ''I-I...never mind'' he said sounding really nervous.''Tell me'' I said facing him and staring into his beautiful blue eyes.''Okay'' he whispered and placed his hand on my cheek ''I...I love you'' he said blushing which made me blush really bad,I love him too,a lot I mean we've both been through so much and I just liked him since the second I first saw him.I kissed his cheek as said ''I love you too...a lot'' he pecked my lips and we got dressed again and went changed to the front seats.Luke dropped me off at my house and kissed me ''I love you'' he said again and I blushed...again ''I love you too'' I said ''Thank you for today,it was an amazing first date'' I said before leaving the car and going inside my house.I went to my room then to my bathroom to take a shower and all I could think of was Luke and how my body feels fireworks when he kisses me.I got out and got in bed still thinking about today.My phone buzzed and a text from Luke appeared

L-there's something I forgot to ask you

A-ask away! Hhehe

L-will you be my girlfriend? sorry I had to ask you over text

A-I'd love to be your girlfriend...I love you

L-thank you for saying yes <3 I love you too,Princess

A-Princess? I love that,baby

L-get used to it because you are MY princess

A-you are MY baby

L-I love you,princess so so much

A-I love you so so much too

L-Goodnight,sweet dreams

A-Goodnight and sweet dreams,baby

After that I drifted off to sleep thinking about him.

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