When I meet them L.H

Everything changed when I met Calum Hood,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings.


56. scared

Abby's POV

I was watching AHS on the couch while Melody took her afternoon nap.The house was really quite since Luke wasn't here.He left for a walk like two hours ago and he hasn't come back yet making me really worried.I sighed and paused the episode then grabbing my phone.I don't want to be annoying but I'm just really really worried.I called him three times and there was no answer.I decided to call Mikey."Hey Michael" I said "Hey wassup?" He asked "not much I'm just really worried about Luke.Do you think you can come over and watch Melody for like twenty minutes?" I asked "of course!" He said "thank you soo much" I said and then hung up.

"I'm here!" He said pulling me in a hug "thank you for coming.I'm really worried about Luke" I said "Yeah me too,he isn't like this plus the boys were at my house and he wasn't there" he said "oh no" I said shaking "hey don't worry" He said.I left and went to the place Luke's favorite place,the beach.There were only two couples there but then I spotted a blonde boy wearing a plaid shirt sitting there alone.I walked over to him and sat down next to him."Hey" I said "Hey" he said.I looked at him and noticed his red eyes from crying."Babe,What's wrong?" I asked holding his hand.He didn't respond for a minute then looked at me with tears rolling down his cheeks "I'm scared" he said in almost a whisper."What do you mean?" I asked wiping his tears with my thumbs.He sighed "It's not anytime soon,probably in a couple months.1D said we were going with them on their next tour" he said "But that's great! It's your dream" I said "yeah but...You and Melody" He said "8 months without both" he said.We laid down and I let Luke rest his head on my chest.I wrapped my arms around him while he sobbed.My eyes were watering but he would get even more sad if he sees me cry."Luke I promise everything will be okay" I said "But...I want to see...her grow up" he said between sobs "It's not a year,only 8 months" I said "she's already 1 months" he cried."But you came to the first tour,can't you come in this one" he said making my heart break "I can't,Mel is only a baby" I said making him sob harder.I started crying."Luke...everything will be okay,baby.We are a family.Nothing bad will happen.You can come visit and then I can go visit as well" I said and he nodded."I'm proud of you" I whispered "what did I do?" He said "your dream came true" I said and he kissed me.He stood up then stretched his arm out to me to help up.

As we opened the door to the house we saw Michael singing Mel to sleep.

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