When I meet them L.H

Everything changed when I met Calum Hood,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings.


45. problems

Abby's POV

*a month later*

I woke up and noticed Luke wasn't in bed.I sat up and stretch like I always do in the morning."Morning" Luke said as he came in the room "morning" I said."I made some breakfast" he said smiling "I'll be down in a minute" I said and he nodded and kissed my cheek.I went to the bathroom to do my usual morning stuff.

We were eating breakfast when I got this intense pain in my stomach.I moaned in pain and winced."Abby,are you okay?" Luke asked me very worried."No,it hurts so much" I said.He got up from the chair and picked me up bridal style.We got in the car and he drove to the hospital.

*in the hospital*

After Luke said what was wrong nurses and doctors came in and took me to a room but Luke couldn't go in which terrified me being without.I was crying scared not knowing what was going on.Suddenly everything went black.

Luke's POV

I was in the waiting room about to cry.I was so scared.I called Ashton."Hello?" He said "Ashton Abby's In the hospital" I cried not caring if anyone saw me."What do you mean? Why are you crying?" He asked concerned "She had a lot of pain and I had to take her and they took her to a room and I don't know what's going on" I cried "Okay calm down,we'll be right over" he said.I cried quietly shaking.

The boys came along with Halla and Poppy.They all hugged me at the same time."Any news?" Michael asked when they pulled away "no" I said.Exactly when I said that,the doctor came."Is everything okay??" Calum asked immediately "Abby and the baby are really really weak" he started "She has to be in bed 24/7 and not get up" he said "thank you,can we see her?" I asked "one at a time" he said "you go,Luke" Poppy said and I went to her room.I opened the door and saw her asleep.I cried when I saw her like this.I sat down in a chair that was next to the bed and held her hand.

Abby's POV

I felt a hand on mine and opened my eyes to see Luke crying quietly."Luke?" I whispered.He looked up only for me to see his eyes red and puffy from crying."Is there something wrong with the baby?" I asked "umm well...you and the baby are really weak so you have to be in bed all day" he said.I started crying because I'm so scared of losing my baby "please don't cry" he said "I'm scared,I don't want to lose our baby" I sobbed."I promise everything will be alright" he said before kissing my hand.

A/N-Thanks Clifford_95 for helping me with this chapter❤️

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