When I meet them L.H

Everything changed when I met Calum Hood,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings.


43. O.M.G

Abby's POV

So today me and Luke could move to our new house!! We're currently decorating Melody's room.We painted the walls white with some baby pink polka dots and now that is dry we're putting up some walls stickers."How about we put the crown on top of the M?" Luke suggested "that's good!" I said.He placed the crown on top of the her name and placed some other flowers and princesses and all that on her walls.We placed a little baby pink hamper with some stuffed animals then a wooden box with some toys.In a corner she had a giant penguin that's actually Luke's but he wanted it there.We put up some pictures of the sonograms hanging by a rope with those wooden clips and hanged it up on the wall and in another wall there was a picture of me and Luke.We filled up her little closet and drawers with her clothes and in the bag we're taking to the hospital when I go in labour we packed up a onesie that had "My daddy is the lead singer" that he had custom made for her and some white socks and a white tiny hat.

After finishing the whole house which surprisingly wasn't a lot,we took a shower then plopped down to the couch."What a day" Luke said laughing and went to get us some water.He came back and gave me my cup of water drinking his.Suddenly I felt something move inside of me making me spit out the water "What's wrong?" Luke asked me very worried "feel" I said and took his hand putting it on my bump "omg that's her!! She's kicking!!" He said in a very excited voice.He started keeking "so a little update;our little Melody is kicking!!! And Abby spat out her drink when she felt it" he said laughing making me laugh too "Abby,how are you feeling?" He asked me "I'm very good,Lucas" I said making him laugh at the name.He ended the keek and cuddled up with me on the couch.

*three days later*

So today we are already in the last three shows of tour.It's been crazy going on tour while being pregnant but I'm used to it.We just came back from one of the shows and we're waiting for Michael and Halla to get out of the bathroom because they've been there for like two hours."Guys,I really have to pee!" Calum yelled at them then they both came out with purple hair and smiling really cute "awww" I said and they both started blushing.Suddenly Michael crashed his lips onto Halla's and then they left to the back room to do you know what (😉).Calum ran up to the bathroom and locked himself there "ahhhhhhhh" he kind of moaned but it was because be could finally pee.A lot of fans were hating on me for being pregnant with Luke but honestly I don't give a fuck because I'm happy and that's all that matters.

*last show*

"I wish I was,I wish I was...beside youu" Calum ended up the last song.They came back "I'm gonna miss this" Ashton said "I'm sure you'll go on tour again" Halla said "as much as I love performing,I hate touring because it's just so uncomfortable and hard" Calum said.The 1D then gave their concert and then went onto the last song."So I wanna invite here Calum,Ashton,Michael,Luke,Abby,Halla and Poppy" Louis said.The boys gave each other weird looks "Okay,like we practiced" Niall said to crowd laughing.I noticed that that Michael,Calum and Ashton picked up each a sign and so did Halla and Poppy.I was so confused but went on stage.Suddenly Poppy blindfolded me and everything went quiet.Then she took my blindfold off and I noticed that the fans had their flashlights on and Halla and Poppy were holding signs with a heart and Calum had a sign with the words "Will",Michael had one with the words "You" and then I read Ashton's and I swear my heart stopped for a second "Marry" and then I saw the 1D boys holding signs with arrows pointing behind me.I turned around and saw Luke standing there."Abby?" He started "I love you so so much to the moon and back and you're my world,my universe,my everything and you're the best thing that could ever happen to me and now you're giving me a beautiful daughter that will soon be in our arms and I just want to spend the rest of my life with you" he said making me tear up "I don't know what I'd do without you" he said then got down on one knee "so...will.you.marry.me?" He asked word by word and very nervous "yes" I whispered still shocked "yes" I said louder "YES!!" I practically yelled.Luke swiped the ring through my finger and then picked me up wrapping his arms around my waist making me wrap my legs around his torso and he kissed.The other boys joined us and I just couldn't stop happy crying.This has been an incredible night,the best one! "I love you" I said "I love you too" Luke said burrying his head on my neck.

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