When I meet them L.H

Everything changed when I met Calum Hood,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings.


15. Mikey's mistery girl and news

After we got home from the doctors mom had to leave again for work but Luke stayed with me.Everything went fine at the doctors,I didn't need stitches.Me and Luke were watching a movie all cuddled up and then someone knocked on the door.I stood up and opened it and the boys and Poppy were there ''Hey'' I said ''hey'' they all said and I stood aside so they could come in.Micheal was walking while texting and he bumped with the wall and almost fell but he didn't take his eyes off his phone.''So what do you all want to do today?'' Calum asked ''we should go to the park'' Luke said and they all agreed but Michael was just giggling ''What are you giggling about?'' Poppy asked him ''oh what? oh yeah let's go to the beach'' he said ''we're going to the park,Michael'' Luke said and Ashton started laughing.We walked to the park and sat on the grass and started to talk.''Michael can you please put your phone down?" Calum asked him ''no'' Michael said chuckling ''let me who are you texting'' I said and took his phone away and started running but he started chasing me ''give it back,Abby'' he said laughing.I looked at the texts and he was texting a girl called Halla ''who's Halla'' he stopped running and started blushing ''aww Mikey who is she?'' I asked him and gave him his phone back ''my girlfriend'' he said blushing.I hugged him ''I'm so happy for you'' I said pulling away ''thanks,Im happy for you and Luke too'' he said and we went back to the others ''so who is she?'' Ashton asked ''my girlfriend'' Michael said ''when are gonna meet her?'' asked Poppy ''probably tomorrow'' he said.''How long have you two been together?'' Luke asked him while sitting me on his lap and wrapping his arms around me ''three weeks and we met a month ago'' Michael answered.''Boys?'' Ashton said with a frown on his face and then Luke nodded also wtith a frown and then I realized that the four of them had sad faces.''There's something we have to tell you girls''Ashton said and it to be honest it was scaring me a lot ''what is it?'' Poppy asked and Luke gripped me hand tightly and Ashton did the same to Poppy and he took a deap breath before saying...
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