When I meet them L.H

Everything changed when I met Calum Hood,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings.


29. leaving

Abby's POV

I woke up and instantly felt sick.I got up and ran to the bathroom.I started throwing up while having a battle with my hair.'Abby? Abby are you okay?'' I heard Luke ask.He came to the bathroom and held my hair.When I was done,I flushed the toilet and brushed my teeth.''Are you okay?'' Luke asked me when we sat down in my bed "yeah I'm fine'' I said which was a lie,I felt so sick but I don't want to worry Luke.''Umm Abby please don't freak but um I didn't pull out last night and we were so caught we didn't notice I cummed inside of you'' Luke said and I felt so nervous ''What if I am?'' I asked him scared that if I was he'd leave me.''We'll get through this together and I promise that no matter what I won't leave you,you're part of me,you're my other half'' He said in a serious tone while staring deeply into my eyes.I blushed at his words ''go take a test'' he said and I went and took one that my mom has in a spare closet just in case.I went to the bathroom and took the test.I waited a little and went back to Luke ''what does it say?" he asked me.I looked at the test and it had the positive sign on it which obviously means that I'm pregnant ''I'm pregnant'' I said and Luke hugged me lifting me up and spinning me around.He got me down and cupped my face and kissed me.''Luke I'm happy and all but what about my family?'' I asked me ''maybe we should tell Erika first'' he said and we headed to Erika's room.We might be taking things fast but Luke is leaving on tour at night and I'm going with him so we have to tell everyone now.I knocked on my sisters door and she opened it straight away ''hey guys,what's up?'' she asked and let us in.We sat down on a little sitting area she has on her window.''Okay so um me and Abby had...uhh you know what'' Luke said ''oooh romance and and and...'' she said ''and I um and now she is umm she's pregnant'' Luke said and Erika's eyes widend ''OMG this is great! I'm gonna be an auntie'' she said ''It's great and all but what about mom and dad?" I asked her ''mom will be fine cause trust me she'll understand,mom had me and Erik when she was about our age so I'm sure she'll understand and I think you should tell her now'' she said which made me less scared about telling my parents.Me and Luke went downstairs to my parents and told them we had something to tell them.''Mom,dad um I know you're probably gonna get mad but...I'm pregnant'' I said ''And It's mine but I'm never ever leaving Abby alone and I'm always here to support her in every step of the way'' Luke said and my parents just sighed2 ''Listen you two,we're not mad because the same thing happened to us but you need to learn how to manage a family,how to raise a child because a baby is not a joke,is a living thing that it's life will be on your hand and it's yours like you're gonna be parents and when the baby starts crying you can't just say 'oh five more minutes'' NO! you have to get up and help your baby'' my mom said ''and son,if you break my daughters heart while she's pregnant,I'll break every single bone in your body'' my dad said to Luke making him tense up a little ''Don't worry,sir I won't''.With that we told everyone else.Luke left to his house and to do some last minute packing and to tell his family.I was in my room doing some last minute packing as well when Sophie came in my room and sat down in my bed watching as I put my make up in the suitcase.When I was done I sat next to Sophie in my bed ''what's up,astronaut?" I called her astronaut because she loved everything that had to do with outer space.''Mmm not much,I'm gonna miss you,Abby'' she said ''you'll come visit in a week and then the week after Luke and I are coming to visit you'' I said ''yeah I know but still'' she said.I looked at the time and saw it was time for me to go ''well my little astronaut,it's time for me to go'' I said ''WAIT! can you do my make up,just for fun'' she said and of course I did make up.After I was done,I took some pink and purple make up and drew a flower on her little bald head and the I wrote the word ''Lumos'' on it ''Whenever you're sad just say ''Lumos'' it will bring some light in your life when you're feeling sad'' I said and she hugged me and kissed my cheek.After I said goodbye to everyone,I got in a taxi with the boys who were so happy about the news.We left Sydney and I was happy that I was with Luke and the boys but sad because I left Sophie but I knew she was coming to visit us in a week because we have a little surprise for her.


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