When I meet them L.H

Everything changed when I met Calum Hood,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings.


46. it's hard

Abby's POV


Surprisingly it's been hard to stay in bed all day but Luke has been helping so so much.I was in bed reading my book when Luke came in and sat down next to me in bed "hey" he said "hey" I said back "do you need anything?" He asked "no,you know I'm fine and you can go to the studio" I said.Luke hasn't been going to the studio since the news and he's supposed to be working and their new EP but he doesn't want to leave me alone."I'm not gonna leave you alone" he said and hugged me.I cried in his shoulder because it's so hard being like this,I'm scared and Luke doesn't want to go to work because of me."You know it's not good for you to skip days in the studio" I started "Feldy is gonna be so pissed" I said "don't cry...and you're more important than the EP and Feldy" he said wiping my tears with his his thumb."Okay but tomorrow you are going to the studio and I'll just call one of the girls" I said "fine but I'll call you every five minutes okay?" He said "okay" I chuckled "I love you" he whispered "I love you too" I said."Let's watch a movie" he said "okay!" I said and he went to make some popcorn.

When he came back with the popcorn he sat down as we cuddled and watch The Fault in Our Stars.

I'm so lucky to have someone like Luke.

A/N-Sorry for the short chapter.Thank you to my friend Poppy for helping me☺️

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