When I meet them L.H

Everything changed when I met Calum Hood,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings.


6. fun and talk

Luke's POV

We got out of the car and went to the ticket booth.Abby looked so happy.I like her a lot but we just met and I don't want to rush into things.We paid for the tickets and went to have some fun


Abby's POV

When we first entered the park I saw this rollercoaster that looked so crazy.It had a lot of loops and a really big drop.''Can we go on that one'' I said pointing to the crazy looking one.''You're kidding,right?'' Calum said.''That one's scary'' Poppy said ''Come on it's not that bad'' I said and then they all finally agreed on going.We were in line when I realized what we were riding.It scared me so much I slowly backed off.''It's okay'' Luke said holding my hand gently,I nodded and said ''I just didn't know how bad that ride is''.''it's okay,I'll be with you'' he said making me blush.We got seated and Luke was next to me.We were front row.There where only rows of two.Behind us were Calum and Mikey and behind them were Ash and Poppy who were holding hands aww.The guy strapped us in and the head thing for the loops didn't really fit me so I was little scared I would fall on the loops or on the drop.He finished buckling us and told a girl to start the ride.The ride started slowly which scared me a lot.We started going up which meant we were getting close to the drop and I was so scared.Luke noticed and he took my hand in his and said ''don't worry,I'm here for you''.What he said made me felt so safe and you could see he was a little nervous when he said that.The ride dropped and I squeezed Luke's hand and started screaming like crazy.We were all screaming and I heard Michael scream from behind us ''HANDS UP,GUYS OR YOU'RE ALL CHICKENS''.We all got our hands up but me and Luke were still holding hands.We got into a loop and my whole body went up and I thought I was going to fall out of the seat.''Luke I'm going to fall,Luke I'm falling'' I yelled.''Abby,dont worry I felt like that too but trust me,you're not falling out of your seat'' Luke yelled back laughing.The ride was finally over and when we got off Poppy said ''That was so fun!!''.I just nodded while looking at the ground.''Abby,are you okay?'' Calum asked me ''I'm fine'' I said.''Well let's go another ride'' Ashton said.We went to a lot of rides but our time at the amusment park came to an end and we all decided to just get food at a fast food and eat at home.We got home and went to Luke's house.''Today was fun'' Ashton said,''yeah it was'' Poppy said looking at him and they both blushed.''Uhhh is there something going on we don't know?'' Michael said referring to Poppy and Ash.They both didn't answer and Ashton took Poppy into her lap and they were holding hands and looking at each other really cute.''Ooooh love is in the air,we got a new couple in the group!'' Mikey said.I laughed at the way Michael was teasing them.''Luke did you asked her yet?" Ashton asked ''No,Ashton I said we just met'' Luke said.''What are you guys talking about?'' Poppy asked.''I just wanted to know if Luke already asked Abby out''                                                      

Luke's POV

''I just wanted to know if Luke already asked Abby out'' Ashton blurt out ''Ashton!!!'' I yelled at him.''Oh shit'' he said covering his mouth.''Luke?'' Abby said and she was blushing.''Uh yeah?'' I said nervous to hear what she was about to say.''I'd love to go out with you'' she said a little nervous ''Abby but we just met and I was scared you were gonna say no since we just met two weeks ago'' I said.''Luke,we told each other everything,I think we're ready'' she said and that made me feel really happy.''Okay'' I said,she smiled and we kept talking to the others.

Abby's POV

I had to leave Luke's house since it was really late and mom wanted me to come home.''Bye,guys'' I said heading out the door.When I got home I went to my room,took a shower,changed into my pj's and hopped in bed.Ii texted Luke    (A=Abby,L=Luke)



A-Where are we going tomorrow??

L-It's a surprise

A-please tell meeeeeeeeeeeee

L-if I tell you it wouldn't be a surprise anymore



A-can you at least tell me how I should dress?

L-not too fancy but cute ;)

A-Okay! I have to go to sleep now :(

L-me too

A-Goodnight,Luke <3

L-Goodnight,Abby <3

I turned off my phone and went to sleep so happy that I was going on my first date ever and it was with Luke,I really really like him like when I first met them there was always something about Luke that made me all happy and self conscious of how I looked and he also makes me feel butterflies in my stomach.I finally went to sleep after thinking about Luke.

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