When I meet them L.H

Everything changed when I met Calum Hood,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings.


12. awkward morning


I woke up to my alarm clock and almost knocked it off my night stand to make it shut up.I got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower and brush my teeth.I went to my closet complaining to myself because today's my first day of school.I got my uniform and my whole body shaked just by looking at it.My phone rang and Luke's face popped up.''Hello'' I said irritated ''are you okay?'' Luke asked me laughing since he knew I didn't wanted to start school ''Noooo Luke I don't want to go to school'' I said while whining like a little girl ''Abby you have to go and don't worry we'll be there with you'' he said making me calm down ''okay'' I said ''finish getting ready,I'm picking you up iin twenty minutes'' he said quickly ''okay'' I replied ''I love you,princess'' he said making me blush and feel fireworks and butterflies inside of me ''I love you too'' I said and we hung up.I put on my uniform,socks and school shoes.I jut brushed my hair and went downstairs to grab my backpack.''hey let's go'' Erik said ''Oh,I'm going with Luke'' I said ''Are you and Luke like a thing like are you two boyfriend and girlfriend?'' Erika asked me ''Yeah,we're together like we're boyfriend and girlfriend'' I said looking down blushing as I said it ''Awww,she's blushing'' Erik said and hugged me ''you know I'm going to annoy you and tease you when he's around'' he said pulling away ''oh no'' I said laughing.Someone knocked on the door and Erik went and opened it while I went to grab and apple.''Oh heyyy Abby someone's here for you'' he said in a really annoying tone that made me drop my apple under the table.''who is it?'' I said while crawling under the table to grab my apple.''It's Luke'' he said and I tried to stand up but hit my head with the table forgetting I was still under it ''OMG I want to meet my sister's boyfriend'' Erika said while running up to him.''Come in'' Erik said to Luke ''Um Abby are you okay?'' Erik asked me as I was crawled up in ball while covering my head from the horrible pain I had.''I'm fine'' I said while my eyes were tearing up.I hit my head were the table had a nail and it hurt like hell.Luke came to me and helped me up ''Are you okay,you're tearing up'' he said the Erika came ''Abby let me check you up'' she said while Luke sat with me on the couch.''Erik go get the first-aid kit and Luke there's an Ice pack on the freezer can you get it for me?'' she asked Luke 'yeah'' he said.Erika helped me up from the couch and check my head.She gasped while checking it ''what is it?'' I asked her scared ''Abby,you're bleeding really bad'' she said and the Erik came with the first-aid kit and bent down under the table to check where I hit my head ''there's a little blood on this nail'' he said ''what are we going to do?'' I asked them ''I'm calling mom'' Erika said while dialing mom's number on her phone ''Mom?...Abby was under the table grabbing something that fell and she hit her head with a nail...yeah it was under the table...she's bleeding...what should we do?...okay but are you sure?...okay...bye love you too'' she said pausing in between ''what did she say?'' Erik asked her ''she said that we should all head to school and she's coming back from work to take you to the doctor for them to check it so you have to stay here'' she said and Luke intertwined his fingers with mines ''I'll stay here with you'' he said ''Luke,you'll miss school'' I said ''You're more important'' he said making blush ''thank you'' I said smiling ''okay hehe well we're just gonna go...call us after the doctors to let us know what happened'' Erik said while Erika headed upstairs to take Sophie to school.''Bye'' they said while leaving.''Do you need anything?'' Luke asked me while siting me on his lap and I rested my head on his chest as he did ''no,I'm fine thank you'' I said smiling up at him ''I love you'' he said ''I love you too,baby'' I said and he leaned in and kissed me.Mom came in and had a surprised look on her face ''Oh I'm sorry am I interrupting something?'' she asked us ''no,mom this is Luke...my boyfriend'' I said and he extended his hands shyly to her ''I'm Luke'' he said ''Hello Luke,I'm Abby's mom but call me Laura,honey'' ''Honey why did you stay here instead of going to school'' Mom asked Luke ''I didn't wanted to leave Abby alone and I already called my mom to let her know what happened and she called the school to let them know'' he said ''Thank you not leaving her alone and do you want to come with us to the doctor to keep some company to Abby since she's terrified of doctors?'' she asked him laughing at the last part ''of course'' he said intertwining his fingers with mine.We then left and after twenty we got to the doctors and waited.

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