When I meet them L.H

Everything changed when I met Calum Hood,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings.


3. Aussie

Abby's POV

I woke up and soon as I did I woke up Sophie and then I went to take a shower quick.I got dressed in black skinny jeans,ramones shirt and all black vans.I skipped makeup because I wasn't feeling it.I grabbed a white scarf and put my hair up in a messy bun.I went downstairs and soon enough we were all in our way to the airport.We got on the plane and I was terrified because it was my first time.The plane ride was so long and I don't know why but I hate plane food.We landed on Australia and from what I can see from the window it's beautiful.We got in a car that dad bought and left to our new house.We got there and it's beautiful.Next to our house was obviously a another house duh and four boys were hanging there.One was blonde,one had brown hair,one had blue hair and the last one had dirty blonde hair.They were all looking at us.I got my guitar case on my back and went inside.The house was beautiful and I'm finally having my own room.Mom and dad told us to leave and explore and make new friends so we left but I'm not planning on speaking to anyone.We went out the door and started walking."Hey!" Someone said,I looked next to me and saw the boys."Hello" I said "I like your shirt" the blue head said "thank you,I like yours too" I said."Well I'm Michael,this is Ashton,Calum and Luke" he said pointing to the others."Hi I'm Abigail but call me Abby" I said with a smile.Erik and Erika were gone with Sophie but I stayed with these boys."So,we saw you carrying a guitar" Ashton said "Oh yeah I play guitar,drums,bass and piano" I said proudly but a little shy "whoa cool" Michael said "what about you guys do you play instruments?" I asked them "yeah we're in a band" Luke said shyly "omg that's so cool!" I said "really?" He said looking up at me."Yeah that's really cool"."So tell us about yourself" Ashton said "well my favorite color is blue,I love music obviously who doesn't hehe umm my favorite bands are Greenday,Nirvana,Foo fighters,All Time Low,Fall Out Boy and Twenty One Pilots,I moved here from California and I'm 16 years old and I uh I sing" I said the last part looking down."Wow you're really cool" Calum said "thanks" I said."So what school are you going to?" Ashton asked me,"Oh I'm homeschooled,I've been homeschooled since I was in 5th grade" I said."Lucky" Michael said.I looked at the time and remembered that I have to film my YouTube video "shoot!" I said "what is it?" Ashton asked "I forgot to film my new YouTube video" I said "you have a YouTube channel?" They all asked at the same time "yeah I have 1 million subscribers" I said proudly "We have a YouTube channel too,wanna make a collabe with us?" Michael asked "of course I'd love too" I said."We should cover One Thing/What makes you beautiful,what do you think?" Luke said "of course!" I said and we went inside and Luke gave me a guitar and we started recording."Hey everyone it's Abby here and I'm here with..." I said and pointed to them "5 Seconds of Summer" they said "And the boys mashed up One Thing and What Makes You Beautiful by 5sos and we are going to be covering it so here we go" I said and we started singing and then we finished singing "Thank you all so much for watching and thank you all for 1 million subscribers that's awesome,so anyway please like,comment and subscribe for weekly videos and give this video a thumbs up if you want more callabs with 5 Seconds of Summer and also go check out their channel,I will put the link in the description and like I said go check them out because they are awesome and Oh! I almost forgot to tell you all that I moved to Australia so I don't live in California no more but I love it here so far" I said and the we all said "bye!" And waved at the camera and I turned it off."That was amazing,you sing really good" Luke said "you all sing amazing as well but I really should get going" I said and said goodbye and went home.

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