Bite ✵ Joshler

" it's hard to resist what I desire , mostly when the one I desire has a girlfriend"

©trashydun 2015


2. ✵1

I stiffly sat in the backseat of the crowded van , eyes burning due to the tears that threatened to spill every time she giggled , or laughed , or even spoke . She was melodic to the ear , but a bitch to be revealed . It is amazing how well she hid the fact that she never loved him . She just used him for her advantages.

I winced as she let out a high pitched squeal , the others joining along to the laughs they were having , while I quietly mourned at the fact that I fell for him . My eyes fluttered as I blocked them all out , exhaustion flooding over me . once I leaned against the cold window , I was out like a weak flame .

I don't think I slept for long because right after I closed my eyes , I felt someone shaking me awake . Mentally sighing , I shoo'ed them with my weak arm , only to get a loud laugh as a reply .

" Coke on baby boy . You have to get out of the van unless you prefer sleeping here overnight , cold and afraid . "

I softly smiled once I noticed it was him and fluttered my eyes just to meet his Bambi eyes . I turned my attention to the beautiful crinkles in his eyes .
obviously , they brightened as he flashed me his pearly white smile . 

" it can't possibly be that late . I only closed my eyes for a minute .."

I took in my surrounding and noticed that it did indeed look like it was late out .

" uh .. You actually slept the whole way here . We just quietly talked in order to not wake you up . You looked pretty worn out . "

I nodded , agreeing with the fact that I actually felt like shit , and I was still tired . Reaching for my duffle bag , I hopped out of the van and made my way towards the hotel , ready to hop in bed and pass out again .

" Mr.Joseph , right this way sir . "

He turned to look at Josh , confusion most definitely was plastered on my face , but he grinned , letting me know that everything was alright . I quietly let the guy usher me to wherever he was taking me , both our steps where inaudible under the plush carpet .

" you'll be staying in the only penthouse we have available. Keys are right here , there is a phone by the door that is for contacting both the lobby , and for you to order you food . Have a nice day and Happy Birthday sir . "

I gaped at him , a deep blush forming on my face as I thanked him quietly , noticing the slight smirk he flashed me before he stepped out and closed the door behind him .

How could I forget that it was my birthday ? Damn Kelsey and Josh making my like a living hell !

What am I suppose to do in here ? This place is ginormous..

I looked around the room , wondering around until I found my room ..

Wait.. Josh is here ?

" Josh ? Why are you here ? Shouldn't you be with k-Kelsey ? "

He nodded , then shrugged and giggled , pulling into a huge bear hug I technically melted in . I pulled apart before I nuzzled into his chest and tackled him . 

" she was acting a bit pissy because I told her I wanted to hang out with my baby boy . After all , it is your birthday . Maybe we can go and explore New York a little more , possibly stop at China Town and eat something , walk a little.. "

I agreed , hugging him once more and thanked him for staying with me tonight . 

" I will do anything to be with you . My sweet and delicate baby boy . "

For some fucked up reason I can't post any gifs because every time I download them , it fricking doesn't move :( 
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