❦Coffee and Talks ➺Tyler Joseph

"Tyler. My name is Tyler. "

I glanced at him and softly smiled.

" Well hello Tyler, my name is Amber-Rose."

©trashydun 2015


3. ✄ 2


Could it be possible falling in love for someone you barely know and met ? Or at least have strong feelings for them . Some strange feeling that lingered on my heavy soul ...

I looked up from my book as I heard my voice being called and looked around . I out a chuckled as I noticed a lost Tyler making his way towards me .

Did you get lunch ? "

He softly shook his head , and looked down ashamed .

What would he be ashamed about ?

I took a small bite out of my apple and handed him my food .

You can have that . I'm going to buy some food after school anyways . "

He softly grinned at me and began digging in .

I went back to my book and took another bite of my apple , glancing at Tyler here and there . Which entertained me because every time I did , he would make a different pleased look .

So..First day of school . How's it been ? "

He snapped his head up towards me , his cheeks looking full from the bite of food he was in the middle of . I softly laughed and watched as he flushed deeply , quickly swallowing and clearing his throat in embarrassment .

" Well I met you.. and have classes with you so I guess I love it....did you know You're beautiful . "

I choked on a piece of apple and glanced up at him , embarrassed and slightly flustered . I shook my head and turned to my book my face burning .

" I-uh- thanks . I don't really get compliments often... "

I softly smiled and blinked away the sneaky tears . 

" Well get used to me saying it . Because the longer I'm with you , the more I will tell you . "

I softly laughed and let a small sob out in the process , hiding it with the sound of my laughter .

" I have to go . Let me drop you off . The school bus left already . And it's cold outside . "

He nodded and quietly followed behind .

" Was having Lacey on your lap fun ? I saw how much she loved it . "

He made some whining / gagging noises making me burst out laughing .

" is that her name ? Woah... no not really . She actually scared the crap out of me . "

I smiled and unlocked my car , opening the trunk where I always put my backpack .

that's Lacey McCoy for you . Always making the first move , the first time she ever meets you . "

I turned on the Car Radio and glanced at him every so on and then , since I noticed how frustrated he seemed .

I get like that too when I have too much in my head or when I'm feeling depressed .

want to talk ? You seem to have something bothering you . "

He shook his head and muttered something under his breath .

The less you know , the more you will stay happy . 

I threw him a confused look and bit my lower lip harshly . 

what does that even mean ? I-I don't get it .. 

He spoke nothing and hopped out , leaving me confused , sad , and teary eyed . 

For some reason , I don't think this was a good chapter . I think I have to go back and Re-edit it . 

Thanks for all the support ♥

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