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"Tyler. My name is Tyler. "

I glanced at him and softly smiled.

" Well hello Tyler, my name is Amber-Rose."

©trashydun 2015


2. ✄ 1

there will be a slight twist here , Tyler Wears Glasses in this book . Nothing else is changed , just that . 



I knew that for some reason it was a good day today . I felt that feeling you get when you know you will meet someone new . I guess the fact that it was snowing made it feel like a great day . After all , I love the snow .

I quickly got ready , dressing on warm , cozy clothes that would prepare me a bit for the cold weather that would both cheer me up , and freeze my ass off .

I quickly grabbed my school things and took a bite of the apple in my left hand .

" Bye mom . I'll see you after school... Love you... "

She ignored me again . Like always .

Tears threatened to slip out of my eyes but I quickly walked out of the house before she sees me in one of my weakest moments .

I quickly hopped in my car and drove to school as quickly as I could , under the speed limit , not wanting to get stuck in the piles of snow .

I quickly made my way way inside the library and printed out a couple more decoration for my Science poster . I have a presentation today and I wad not so fond of how it all came out . I hope I actually get an A .

I took a small glance at the time and noticed it was 7:45 . I turned back to my work and--OH SHIT ITS 7:45 !!

I quickly grabbed my things and sprinted out of the library . I turned the corner and slammed into someone , flying back and skidding a couple of feet on my ass . I groaned softly and looked up .

The boy whimpered softly , making me feel bad for slamming into him and not looking at where I was heading .

I softly stood up and took cautious steps to him . He was gripping his wrist and softly whining in pain .

" i'm so sorry . I wasn't looking ahead when I slammed into you. "

He softly chuckled and looked up .

" It was my fault actually...Do-do you know where this room is at ? I'm new here and I'm lost . I was heading to the office when We ran into..each other.. "

I softly blushed as our hands softly met when I reached for his schedule . I scanned over it and grinned at the fact that we had all classes together .

" Actually , all of our classes are the same so I won't have a problem with showing you around or introducing you to the teachers . "

I rambled like crazy and glanced at him only to see him staring at me . Again, I flushed and softly cleared my throat .

" I'm sorry... I tempt to ramble a lot . Oh my goodness ! we're late for class ahh ! "

I quickly , yet softly helped him up and led him to Science .

" Tyler . My name is Tyler . "

I glanced at him and softly smiled .

" Well hello Tyler , my name is Amber-Rose . " 

Please comment what you thought of this chapter . I know that I am not a good Book Writer , but just give me a chance .

Love you all


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