Dandy ❅Tyler Joseph

❅ with a beauty too irresistible , he fell for her harder than anything. ❅

©trashydun 2015


3. ❅2 - Hello's

Tyler quietly stared at the girl with the honey hair, quietly freaking out at her true beauty.

She had her attention deep in a book with her pale glasses slightly falling off her nose, which she quickly pushed back up and pulled her attention back to the thick book in her delicate hands.

He attempted to quietly stand up from the library chair, but failed miserably when he bumped his heavy backpack against the wood and got everyone's attention. Even the girl's. It was sad because even at this point, he didn't know what her name was.

A thick blush instantly appeared his cheeks and he stared at his worn out floral vans, too embarrassed to move a single inch until a quiet giggle caught his attention.

It was the girl, she was staring at him with that smile of her's.

He Awkwardly waved, and she grinned, returning the nice gesture, while locks the color of honey fell on her face. She pushed it away and smiled at him once more before turning to her book.

So for the thousandths time, he gaped at her , disbelieve lighting him up faster than a Christmas tree on Christmas.

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