Dandy ❅Tyler Joseph

❅ with a beauty too irresistible , he fell for her harder than anything. ❅

©trashydun 2015


2. ❅1 - Dandy

too delicate to ever be hurt. Yet still, she is always hurting.

Emotional yet, perfect, she always pushed herself to the limit, wanting to be the best person she can ever be, even if it means to push herself way over the limit.

She hated the way she looked, the way her hair was, the way her body was, the way her smile was. She wanted to look beautiful, not have greasy/frizzy hair, a slightly chubby body, and a crooked smile.

But what she did not know is that there was a particular kid in her school who thought she was the most beautiful creature to ever be born, or even more to step on school grounds.

The girl with the honey hair was Dandy.

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