Nephthys Storyteller - et memoir

Nephthys is a vampire in the world of Underworld. Her life seems breezy and simple, but as we all learn - nothing is what it seems like.


1. The Cage

It all began with the sound of water. A slow running tab, almost dripping instead of running. The cage was cold and small – and it left me feeling like an animal locked up. The bars of the cage were spaced so I could reach out – but in the darkness there was nothing to reach for. The water stopped running and ended up dripping in a pool of the floor. I could hear it, but not see it. It was water, wasn’t it? What else could it be! How was I ended up here? It was cold, like a window had been left open overnight – but the lack light assured, there was no windows. I had no clue, where I was. The smell was the worst thing. The cold and the darkness I could comprehend with – but not the smell. Rot. Pure rot, and decay. Like a pile of bodies hang from the ceiling and left a stench in the air while their bodily fluids dripped down on the floor. I would have screamed, if I thought it would help. No, it would not help me – screaming. No one was going to help me. Not even Sean. Did he even know where I was? I know I didn’t. All of a sudden, I could hear voices. A human, a man, yelled out orders of interrogating the prisoner. Was it me, he was talking about!? I got furious, just for being called something instead of my name. Seconds after he commanded my interrogation, a door was being unlocked. Yes, I was afraid – but not enough to let it show. A young man carried a bundle in his arms, as he entered the room. The little light helped me, just enough to see that he was wearing a hood. He kneeled at my cage, and unlocked it. First, he shoved the bundle into the cage. It cried, screamed for something. I was once a mother, and that cry was for safety. So of course, I took the baby in my arms. I shouldn’t have done that. Seconds after I touched the baby, a pain rolled over my head. A sharp pain, not worth hiding. The man had put a hand on each side of my forehead. He was tampering with my memories – leading me to remember when Sean killed the lot I called my family, just to get our son and sacrifice him, so Sean could become a powerful archdemon. Just the pain of the memory itself was enough to brand me for life once again – but this time, it was different. Sean looked me, in the eyes – smiling, as he killed the woman I saw as my mother. Sliced her throat, leaving he to bleed to death as he left with our son. I don’t know, if I screamed for real or only in the memory – but the pain was constant. I had tried so many years to forgive Sean for killing my son. But no, the anger and pain would not leave my soul. Still, I could not hate him. I could not hate the man I love. Never. His reasons were wrong, but our son would be in danger every day of his life, if we had let him live. It was mercy, that drove me to accepting that my son did not die in wain, he died so his father could protect me forever.
The man smiled, when he saw my fangs sliding through my gums. They started itching. The only way I knew how to sedate my pain was by blood. But as soon as he saw in my mind, that I was going to attack him, he left the small cage – leaving the baby in my arms. He locked the cage, and just looked as the baby screamed in terror when my teeth glide down to its arm. Two seconds was enough. The baby was dead in my arms, and blood dripped from my mouth. I would cry, but I couldn’t. Since I was turned, crying had not been a thing I was able to do. When it happened, rarely, my tears were of blood. This was not the time for spilling blood out of my eye sockets. The man reached into the cage, through the bars, and placed a hand on my forehead. I couldn’t move. He smiled, as I looked down at the baby and saw my own son dead in my arms. I screamed for Sean, for help and for mercy… How long they did this, I cannot say. The days seemed endless. Every day a baby, and the same torture. What did they want to know? Why me!? 

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