this is a mix of Percy jackson and harry potter


3. chap 2 hanas p.v.o the train ride

Me and percy got our own compartment on the train for the

first like 20 mins than a very handsome blond boy ( he was

so cute) came in with some others and said "this is our

compartment get out of here, potter and your girlfriend"

( i wasn't too offended because i was his sis but...) 

we could tell he was 11 too so we said join us because

there were no other empty compartments. I told him

that i was percy's twin sis and he cooled down after

 raging about sharing with us than introduced him self 

and shook our hands."hi im Malfoy, Draco Malfoy"

( i wonder why he wouldn't share with whatever potter

boy he was talking about)We talked and learned each

others names. That cute blond boy's name was Draco...

Such a nice name. "

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