Breaking the chain

Heather Reid a sixteen year old girl is found collapsed in Howdon - she has run away from her home on West Percy road North Shields, because she is pregnant. She is taken to Willington Quay Maternity hospital where upon she gives birth to a baby Girl that she names Dawn because the dawn was breaking when she was giving birth. After complications set in Heather dies of Toxaemia and her father will not bring up a bastard child. Dawn is adopted by two university lecturers - follow her story as her real father seeks her out and a court battle ensues. this is a tragic story that will have you reading until the end.


92. 92

“You are welcome in my house anytime you like Gordon.

Thank you again.’

“Can we persuade you to come for a beer in the local pub?

Dai said that he couldn’t drink until after his bout but he would come down and introduce him to his friends.’

Do you mind Tracey?’

“No, you get yourself down there with my Da’ you’ve earned it today. I’m going to have a bath and wash my hair.’

“We won’t be long Alwen.’ I have work so it won’t be a long session; just a couple of pints.’

Gordon put on his jacket and the three men walked down the road to the Kings Head.

The walk was just over a mile which was nice as he wanted to walk off some of that broth. Gordon had never been a big eater but since his two nights away he’d eaten well.’

His gardening kept him fit and he couldn’t wait to get back to do some weeding which he knew there would be. Gordon was in a constant battle with horse’s tail a weed very hard to get rid of. He had used sodium chloride to try and eradicate the pest. But what he really needed was a systemic weed killer.’

He asked Dylan how he managed to combat his weed problem. You will have to double dig your plot and trace the tails all the way to the tap root and dig them out. Fill the trench with some rotted manure then fill it in again that is the only way to rid yourself of the bloody things.’

“Thanks for the tip.’

The Kings Head was a quaint little pub it had that homely feel about it as Dylan went to the bar. “Two pints please Eddie and a cup of tea for Dai.’

“How’s the training going Dylan?’

He’s getting there Eddie. Three weeks to go and we should have him finely tuned.

Dai came back over with two men. “This is Gareth and this is Ewan, Gordon; they are very good friends of mine.’

Gordon shook hands with both men.’

“Have you been here long then asked the two men?’

“No, I came down yesterday but I have to leave early tomorrow.’

Gordon is a lecturer and he is my sister’s boyfriend.’ You want to see him cook as well lads he made dinner for us tonight and he made flowers from tomatoes and leaves from lettuce and celery for the stalks; it was a work of art I tell you boys.’

The prawns and monkfish were done to perfection and he made a pan of Cawl that set your taste buds dancin’ he made this leek pudding that was as big as a football but it was so nice you couldn’t stop eating it.’

“You will have to watch your weight Dai.’

“I am spot on the limit and I have three weeks to the fight yet.’ No body trains as hard as I do.’

“That’s a fact said Gordon; he sweats buckets and his sparring partners must be sick of being hit.’

“We know we’ve sparred with Dai when we were amateurs like and he packs a wallop in that left hook.’

Gordon went to the bar and ordered another round and bought the two lads one as well.

“Thank you said the lads as he brought the drinks over.’

“Your tea is coming Dai.’

“So Dylan what is the secret of good leek growing then?’

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