Breaking the chain

Heather Reid a sixteen year old girl is found collapsed in Howdon - she has run away from her home on West Percy road North Shields, because she is pregnant. She is taken to Willington Quay Maternity hospital where upon she gives birth to a baby Girl that she names Dawn because the dawn was breaking when she was giving birth. After complications set in Heather dies of Toxaemia and her father will not bring up a bastard child. Dawn is adopted by two university lecturers - follow her story as her real father seeks her out and a court battle ensues. this is a tragic story that will have you reading until the end.


33. 33

Dawn went to school that morning and the press were all waiting and took pictures of her as she was going through the gates.’

“How does it feel to have a rock star as a father they asked?’

“Are you going to live with your father now that you know who he is?’

“The questions were coming thick and fast until a member of staff who saw what was going on jumped out of her car then shepherded the young girl into school.’

“You had better come with me Dawn said Miss Doherty who taught English at the school. They stopped outside of Mr Paul Talbot’s room who was headmaster of Monkton primary School. Miss Susan Doherty knocked on the door then entered with Dawn.

“We have a problem headmaster; there are press outside of the school gates because of Dawn Laws Hart here.’

“What has happened?’

“Didn’t you see the news at the weekend sir?’

“No Susan, I’ was away up to the Monroe’s in Scotland.’

 “Well there is a big news story that has broken in all the newspapers and on the television sir. Dawn’s real father has been revealed as Jim Gales from the pop group “The Dune Tunes’

“I see; then we have to inform her parents immediately.’

“Dawn you will have to stay in school during the break until this blows over.’

“I will call an assembly and tell the children not to speak with the press regarding Dawn.’

“Thank you headmaster said Susan.’

Paul Talbot picked up the telephone and rang the university he was put through to Colin Sarin the dean of the University and he relayed the message about Dawn Laws Hart then asked if arrangements could be made for her to be picked up.’

Once the headmaster had done that then an assembly was called and all the children were informed not to speak to the press outside the gates.

Paul Talbot had the caretaker Alan Walker to lock all the school Gates and to monitor who came and who went at lunch break.

That evening Mrs Elver came to collect dawn after Doreen rang her at home.’

When she brought her home dawn was led straight into the house and was kept in doors until the press disappeared.’

Her friends at school all wanted to know the story but Dawn said nothing. When her parents returned they asked dawn if she was alright.’

“Yes mother I’m fine; I didn’t tell them anything if that’s what you are implying.’

“No I didn’t mean that darling I was just concerned; you know this has been a big shock for you finding out that you have a biological father and a famous one at that.’

How are you handling it?’

“Well it has certainly made me more popular at school.’

“I know dear but all this stress is not good; we can get you a tutor to come in if you like you know.’

“No thanks, I don’t want to be cooped up in this house all day.’

“What would you like for your dinner tonight?’


“Yes you can have anything you like.’

“Good; I will have a burger in a bun with fried onions and some home made chips please.’ “Can I have some tomato ketchup as well?’

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