Breaking the chain

Heather Reid a sixteen year old girl is found collapsed in Howdon - she has run away from her home on West Percy road North Shields, because she is pregnant. She is taken to Willington Quay Maternity hospital where upon she gives birth to a baby Girl that she names Dawn because the dawn was breaking when she was giving birth. After complications set in Heather dies of Toxaemia and her father will not bring up a bastard child. Dawn is adopted by two university lecturers - follow her story as her real father seeks her out and a court battle ensues. this is a tragic story that will have you reading until the end.


32. 32

“Well there’s little that I can do Gordon.’

“Surely we have the right to take our daughter out at weekends too. Our lives have been put on hold because of this. I think it is unjust. Maybe you can ask if Gales can see Dawn on a Sunday only and we would then have Friday night and Saturday if we wanted to take Dawn somewhere like the Lake District.’

“I cannot promise anything Gordon; but I do see your point. I will see what I can do.’

“Thank you Ralph.’

“See you soon Gordon, bye for now.’ Ralph hung up.’

Gordon came through to the conservatory where his wife was sitting with a glass of sauvignon from his wine cellar.

“Well there’s little Ralph can do darling; I have asked if he can speak with the judge to give us Saturday and Gales Sunday, that way we could take Dawn away with us to the Lakes on Friday night and come back on Saturday night.’

“Well, that is certainly better than not spending anytime with her of a weekend.’

“Personally I would rather Dawn didn’t see this man at all; I think he is a bad influence on her, I mean look what he has done in one weekend.

“We have to keep calm Doreen or we will lose Dawn. She will side with her real father and we will be forced to just give her up.’

“You heard the judge; he said that he had grounds for custody because he was only a boy at the time and that he wasn’t old enough to face up to the responsibility of looking after a baby.’

“It doesn’t mean he can just walk in here and take her away from us though.’

“Dawn is just new fangled at the moment; let her see this Gales for a while soon she will get tired of him and will come back to us.’

One thing is certain; Dawn will always want to live with us.’

“A few months down the line and that could all change Gordon; you mark my words.’ Next it will be that Gales wants Dawn to stay over at his house.’

“We cannot lay the law down on Dawn darling; she will only rebel against us.’

“Alright but when the shit hits the fan don’t tell me that I didn’t tell you so.’


Jim came in from his trip to the quayside and Rosina was waiting for him’

“She came over and kissed him and he held her in his arms.’

“How did it go then she asked in her accented English which Jim loved so much.’

He got himself a beer from the big American icebox then removed the top and sat on the sofa with Rosina and told her how wonderful his daughter was.’

“She listened intently as Jim described how she’d taken photos like a professional.

I dropped five rolls of film into Boots the chemist’s on my way home I’ve told them to make them as big as they can as I’m going to see if I can get her an exhibition at the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle.’

“Do you think she’s that good?’

“Yes I do, just wait until you see her work; you will be surprised that they were taken from a seven year old girl. “ She’s just a natural born photographer.’

“I invited her to dinner next week is that alright?’ she wants to meet you.’

“Really; that’s wonderful.’

I told her that you would cook your special Bolognese sauce for her as she loves spaghetti like me.’

“I will cook for her my very best and make some garlic bread too.’

“Thank you Cara’ it was his pet name for her which meant dear in Italian.


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