messages {a.b.c.}

{Idk if this is red or yellow rating but i'm 13 and don't have red as an option so it's set as yellow. Proceed if you want}

blocked number: {image attachment}

abby: uh nice dick, who is this?


2. two

{Okay myspace bar isn'tworking well so sorry if the words are messed up and notspaced properly.  ily.}                                                                                        


                                                                         monday may 13, 2016 12:45  pm


abby: hello.


aaron: why aren't you in class??


abby: I'm in college lmao and I'm sick.


aaron: oh nice, a college girl. Where do you go?


abby: fuck me daddy university.


aaron: I've heard great things about that school. 


abby: lmao jk I go to the university of california. They have a sick music program. 


aaron: cool. I live near that college.


abby: coolio. 


aaron: yeah!


abby: ur not horny anymore i hope.


aaron: lol no.


abby: aw that sucks. I was gonna say you should come over to my house after school so we can fuck but nvm.


aaron: ur joking right


abby: I don't joke fam.


aaron: stop lyin' you wouldn't offer your body to someone you met a day ago. 


abby: u right u right.


aaron: ily.


abby: stop.


aaron: too soon?


abby: yeah just a tad.


aaron: sorry babe.


abby: u need to be stopped. lmao


aaron: i g2g.


abby: bye. text me after school pls. 


aaron: bye <3


I shut off my phone and smile at my computer screen. My netflix finally loaded so I can watch tv now. I wanted to get a tv in my dorm room but my dorm-mate decided it wasn't a good idea considering we don't like the same tv shows. I put my phone down and click on the play button, excited for the season finale of season 4 once upon a time.It's probably my favorite television show. 




Taylor stares at me awkwardly. "Uh are you okay?" I Ask, chuckling.


"Who were you texting Aaron?" Taylor asks.


"A friend." I State. She is a really funny person and based off the two days we've been talking, she seems great and I really wanna meet her. 


"Okay whatever." Taylor says. The final bell of the day rings and I smile, leaving the school and getting onto my bus. I immediatley get out my phone and text Abby.



monday may 13 2016 2:56 pm


aaron: hey just got out of school. how are you feeling?


abby: okay. lmao


aaron: i wanna meet you.


abby: we just met yesterday weirdo.


aaron: ik but you're funny.


abby: aw ty, ty.


aaron: i want a selfie from you.


abby: I want a boyfriend. we can't all get what we want.


aaron: i can be your boyfriend.


abby: you could be like 50. The oldest I'll date is 30. 


aaron: you saw my nudes can't you tell from those that I am NOT 50.


abby: did the girl you were sending those to recieve them yet?


aaron: nah bc i forgot.


abby: im glad u sent me ur nudes. 


aaron: me  2.


abby: now i have a really awesome friend.


aaron: aw ik i'm an awesome friend.<3


abby: rude ass bitch.


aaron: ily.


abby: ily2 <3




abby: ur single 4 ur whole life.


aaron: that was NOT grammatical.


abby: ur face isn't grammatical. 


aaron: well then.


abby: my stomach hurts again.  g2g bye. <3


aaron: bye.  <3



sorry for such a sucky chapter. i tried to put something else other than texting in this. ily. updates soon.











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