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abby: uh nice dick, who is this?


4. four



Tuesday may 14 2016 1:56 pm.


aaron: HELLO


Abby: hey.


aaron: u in class??


abby: nah. 


aaron: wtf why?


abby: I am lmao. 


aaron: grr,


abby: Whatcha doin?


aaron: nm, why are you texting me?


abby: u texted first.


aaron: you DIDN'T have to text back.


abby: well then. I guess I'll text you later. <3


aaron: after class??


abby:  Maybe we can skype?


aaron: Maybe. Ily.


abby: ily2. 


I shut off my phone and look back up at the board where Mr. Hernandez is writing a math equation. I groan and write down the notes on the board. "Abby what is the answer?" Mr. Hernandez asks. 


"456 sq feet." I Respond and the guy next to me looks at me with shock. He's the dumbest kid in this class, I'm like the smartest plus I wasn't even paying attention and still I got it correct. 




aaron: yo, skype me.


abby: okay.


aaron: yay!!! I'm excited. I've never seen your face.


abby: I've never seen yours either. <3


I press on the skype call button and Aaron picks up and the screen connects. I see his face and it's so well lit in his house. "Aaron!" I Screech.


"Abby!!!!!" Aaron squeals. 


"You're so attractive." I say practically moaning. He's like the hottest person I've laid eyes on. 


"So are you like damn." Aaron smiles, looking at his phone. 


"I am gonna meet you in a few weeks when you come to my school for a football game right?" I Ask. 


"Course. I love you Abigail." Aaron says,  looking right into the camera.


"Awe, I love you too Aaron." I say loudly. 


"So how's school?" Aaron asks, yawning.


"Eh. Boring as shit like always." I roll my eyes and grab my anatomy text book out of my bag. 


"What are you there for?" Aaron asks.


"I'm here to be a nurse. It's a nice job, with good pay, plus people are always getting sick." I Shrug my shoulders. 


"You get to look at naked people in the e.r.  how is that fun?" Aaron asks.


"It isn't. I don't wanna see nude people all the time." I chuckle. 


"You could see me naked but no you're in college." Aaron smiles. 


"You're a weirdo. Listen, Aaron I'd love to keep talking but I have to go. Love you boo." I Smile.


"Aw. Bye princessa, love you." Aaron says and makes a heart with his hands. Seeing the words over text is one thing but hearing him say he loves me feels so weird. I've never really dated someone, and yeah we're not dating but I love him and hopefully he loves me too. I press the end call button and turn on the light next to my bed and open my notebook. 


I read through the chapter I have to read, then answer the questions. I put the books away and slide my backpack onto the floor. I grab some pajamas and change into them, before taking off all my makeup and climbing into my bed.


Tuesday May 14, 2016 10:45 pm


Abby: hey


aaron: hi <3 how was your homework?


abby: boring asf


aaron: fun!


abby: ugh i guess. I had fun skyping.


aaron: me 2.


abby: we should meet up.


aaron: right now?


abby: no, I know we're meeting up at ur football game tbh but idk


aaron: can my friends meet you?


abby: idk meeting your friends is like moving a step towards the parents and idk if I'm ready for that commitment. 


aaron: sorry, i didn't mean too


abby: it's fine boo.


aaron: ugh, I'm so tired!


abby: go to bed.


aaron; I wanna talk with you tho.


abby: i'm tired too it's okay. I'll text you tomorrow.


abby night boo. <3


aaron: love you, princessa <3


A/N: Boring chapter kinda but I've been off and multiple people asked me to update so I am. LOVE YOU GUYS!

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