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blocked number: {image attachment}

abby: uh nice dick, who is this?


8. eight

Bella looks at me smiling. "Are you excited?" She asks me.

"Yes! Why wouldn't I be? I'm seeing Aaron for the first time." I Say getting off my bed and opening the closet doors. I look at everything, not sure of what to wear for the game. It's football so not over dressy but I'm seeing Aaron in person for the first time so not under dressed. "Ugh Bella I don't know what to wear." I Whine.

"Hmm, wear joggers and a crop top. Some black adidas sneakers, maybe a sweat shirt or somethin." Bella suggests.

"But that's so dressed down." I Complain. 

"Abby it's a football game." Bella chuckles. I get some high top white converse, a high waisted white skirt and a gray crop top. I enter the bathroom and put it all on before doing double dutch braids in my hair and putting on cat ears.  I spray some perfume on myself and exit the bathroom.

"Is this good?" I Ask spinning around.

Bella gets up and hugs me. "Oh my! You look beautiful." She squeals.

"Yay. Now hurry up. The game starts in 20 minutes." I Say, calmly.

"I'm ready, jeez." Bella laughs. I grab my phone and my key before leaving the dorm room with Bella. We go out the nearest exit and start walking towards the football field. When we arrive there's nobody else out there except a few people and some vendors our school has allowed to sell at tonight's game on certain terms and conditions. 

"Where should we sit?" I Ask nervously.

"Hmm not sure." Bella shrugs her shoulders.

We walk around for a few minutes, buying snacks, sodas, and useless merchandise from the vendors before taking a seat in the front row in the middle of the field. Not literally the middle of the field but the middle of the side. People start flooding the bleachers as it gets closer to 5:00 pm. My stomach turns as I know the teams will be coming out soon to play. I'm not a big fan of this sport but it's okay, I'll watch it occasioally if it's on and I like one of the teams.

"Attention everyone. The game is starting so first I would like to call out our first team. This is a legendary event folks. A college team against a highschool team? Let's see how this plays out. First we have the Califorian sharks our home team!" The crowd roars and stands as they run out onto the field. Aaron's team is gonna get crushed. 

"Next I'd like to call out the Hudson snails!" The man in the booth says. People boo but Bella and I stand up and cheer as they run out onto the field. Number 15 keeps his eyes on the crowd. That has to be Aaron, he's looking for me. We all sit back down as they begin the game. I keep my eyes on number 15 the whole time. 

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