The Pink Spider

A girl who has always gotten what she wanted in life can't get the man of her dreams, this one shot tells the story of how dangerous obession can be...

Author's note: is somewhat of a tie in to Naught


1. Pink Spider

The Pink Spider

Perdita Libidine was born into a high class family. Life couldn't be better for the spoiled only child of the Libidine household, she always got what she wanted with ease, whither it was with her parents money or her charming way with words, there was nothing Perdita could want that was out of reach. Until..

It began in the school she attended at the age of 11, where she met a boy named Richard Opes, one of the few children of the famous oil tycoon Edward Opes. He was a humble boy, always had a smile and seemingly had limitless amounts of compassion for those around him. The two hit it off well, forging a friendship for several years, however a one sided obession devloped during the course of their friendship. She tried almost everything she could think of to get him to like her as more than a friend. She tried blending in with the alternative kids he hung about with, dying her hair pink at one point to impress him. Still no matter what she tried, she couldn't have him as her lover. She couldn't understand it, everything else in life she could easily obtain, but this one person was out of her reach.

Things got worse when her family's business went bankrupt, soon she resorted to moving into a flat. Thankfully for her, Perdita's education assured her an oppturtunity to find work in the field of medicine. She had been working as a nurse for almost 3 years before the incident. She had been informed from an acquaintence of hers that Richard Opes had got into a relationship with a woman named Lucy Smith. She met up with her acquaintence for more information about this woman and was outraged at what she was told.

"A lower class waitress with a pair of kids, that's the woman he chooses to spend time with over me?" She couldn't wrap her head around it, in her own mind she was clearly the best choice for him, she had the better looks, a higher paid job and he wouldn't have to put up with annoying, screaming children. Even worse, this woman lived a floor above her! It was like life was delibrately doing this to spite her.

"Life tends to feel like it all comes crashing down doesn't it?" Perdita jolted, not realising she had been saying this outloud, her acquaintance was still sitting beside her.

"I too am role in life only seems to be coming slightly clearer in the bloodshed of humanity" Perdita tilted her head at her acquaintance. They always seemed like a bit of a loner, lot maybe, but that statement was unexpected to her, but it soon created a devious plan in her mind.

"Bloodshed you say? Perhaps..we can help each other out" She smiled slyly at her acquaintance, who looked at the floor for a moment, considering her proposal.

"You want me to kill her, would that be correct?" Perdita nodded and looked around the cafe, making sure they weren't overheard.

"I'll even provide you with something to use if you'd like, I happen to be able to get poison from my little workplace easily" the acquaintance considered it for another moment before nodding. 

"We both get what we want with the removal of this player from the board it seems" Perdita giggled, her friend certainly had a way with words, even in school it was a quality she noticed that not too many others could.The few times they exchanged words in the cafeteria, were pleasant and sometimes even enlightening ones.She left the Cafe satisfied with this sudden turn of events. As promised she snuck a bottle of Arsenic from the hospital she worked in and delivered it to her acquaintance. Having taken care to make sure no cameras were around and constantly wearing gloves so as not to be traced back, she made her way back to her own apartment, gleefully looking foward to seeing how this would play out. She fed her tarantula before making herself comfortable. 

After hearing a thud from above, she sprung up and made her way upstairs, that sound could only mean one thing, Lucy was out of the equation. Sure enough the door was unlocked, her acquaintance had evidently gone upstairs to the roof. Perdita noticed the woman's phone being missing before setting her eyes on the dying woman in front of her. The poison hadn't finished her off just yet and she was flailing a bit, the agony she had shown had started to turn Perdita on, which confused her, but she didn't bother to question it. She smirked at Lucy, the working class girl, with the sterotypical brown hair and eyes, it irked her still that Richard chose this scum over her. Just then she noticed the young girl twins slumped on the floor on the other side of the floor.

"How needlessly cruel..oh well, less witnesses this way I suppose" she looked back at Lucy and knelt down beside her. Lucy looked up at her, seeming already putting the pieces together in her own head.

"I just want to assure you..that Richard will have a wonderful child, and a loving partner, but I'm afraid that shall not be you" she smiled as she stood up to leave, but before she could, Lucy choked out a word that wiped the smile completely off her face.

"" Perdita turned back to her, before storming back to her. Before she could ask what she had said, Lucy pointed over at her fridge. Curiously she walked over and seen the object on top of the fridge. It had been a pregancy test. On it, the indicator pointed to positive. A few moments passed before it could sink in, this lower class wretch had Richard's baby in her womb, the horror she had felt at this turned to anger, leading her to repeatedly kick Lucy, mostly in the stomach in blind fury. This blind fury quickly faded as the door creaked open and a man's voice could be heard reacting in shock. She turned around to find the object of her desire standing there, trying to process the sight in front of him. His girlfriend close to death, her kids dead, his childhood friend being the one responsible, it all sent him into tears. Perdita wasted no time fleeing the apartment, soon the had hid herself away with the only thing that she still loved that hasn't betrayed her yet, her tarantula. 

Weeks later she couldn't resist commiting one final act of horror, and poisoned Richard in his sleep after breaking into his home in the neighbouring state. She also defiled his corpse with several different sexual acts before her DNA on the body got her caught and arrested. Unfortunatly for the Opes family and the Smith family, the state had abolished the death penalty, and her sentence only lasted 15 years. She had gotten out early for good behaviour and a grovelling apology to both families for her involvement in the couple's death. 

She reflected on all of this as she lay dying on the floor of her own home, the stinging pain of the intial bite had paled in comparison to the pain she felt from the poison corsing through her body. Despite this however she giggled at the irony of it all, she had went to put on a shoe to go shopping and failed to notice the brazilian wandering spider that made it's home in there. Her acquaintance was just executed today according to the newspaper she read, and now it was her turn to pay her debt and face the punishment of her actions. But where as her acquaintance would only suffer from the lack of oxygen one could expect from being hung, she was instead feeling an ironic fate, the "Pink Spider"as she was known as for her actions and her fashion choice of mainly long, pink dresses, was meeting her end as a result of her animal namesake. As Darkness began to cloud her eyes, she gave one final smile, she knew that she should be regretting her choices she had made, but the found that she still could care less for the pain she caused Lucy, or her kids, or even Richard at this point. Regardless that she had aged physically to an older woman now, regardless of when she transitioned from naturally blonde, to pink, to now grey, she was still the bratty, immature monster who caused her friends to suffer if she didn't get her way. Remorse, sympathy, guilt, none of them entered her mind as she remembered that night once more, this time for the final time.

"We all deserved our pain, but at least unlike them, I can die with a smile on my face!"

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