The next phoenix

Now that the darkness Is sealed away I gave birth to a child named Aurora she was a bundle of joy on her 13th birthday she will become the next Phoenix I will teach her my ways now that I'm immortal I will remain the same age I am 20 once I give the Phoenix to my daughter she will become immortal she'll age but she'll stay young like me read book 1 before you read this book


7. Trojan legendary battle

When it became morning I woke up and it was a beautiful sunny day then James woke up. He put me on the bed again and starts kissing me all over I felt his hands they felt so good. After that I went downstairs for breakfast my brother was making some food for us. I went to go get my daughter up I came into her room and she was singing beautifully. Her hair was beautiful and her wings I tapped on her shoulder and told her to come down for breakfast.

As I started eating I had a vision of a war going on we were all in it fighting then my brother came over. He asked if everything's alright I told him I'm fine but I told them about how a wars coming. A great battle the Trojans against the Gonzaga's it was bloody. Aurora came over she asked about when the war is going to start. Then I made a announcement I said we a all need to practice for the great battle. My guards are on all entrances so we went to the weapons room. Artemis saw a nice bow with arrows and Hera saw a nice staff my daughter got dual wields. I got a sword my husband had a axe.

We trained in the training room Artemis was practicing shooting Hera was practicing moves with the staff. My daughter was getting used to the dual wields and I was sword fighting. With James since we're immortal we use real swords. James won he told me that he'll teach me a few techniques we were done with practice. Now we wait for the battle to start. In the meantime we went back to our daily schedule my brother needed more blood. So I gave him some James was watching. He bit my neck I felt his fangs then James steps in and stops him.

He said that was enough I fell into his arms my brother walked away. Since the days over we all rested while I was switching out of my dress. James comes up and wraps his arms around my waist he stroked my body. I felt good I then put on my red dress it had lace on the torso. We went to bed,at the first peak of dawn the war started so I gathered everyone and my army. We all walked to the battlefield everyone took there positions.

Then it began I turned into my Phoenix form I used my telekinesis and every object around me was flying. So I threw them at the enemies they all fell to the ground. More of the enemies came I told everyone to handle the minions I'll take the queen. I charged toward the queen with my sword and she took out her sword. We fought hard we used a lot of bad language at each other I started feeling weak. So I did my sonic bird scream she fell on the ground the queen was brutally damage. Then I took my sword went up to her grabbed her by her hair then she pushed me away. Her sword fell my sword fell so we used our fist at each other I did a 360 no scope. I backed kicked her slapped her strangled she did the same thing. I told her that I can't die I'm immortal she was shocked she stabbed me in my thigh. I pulled it out and I healed fast.

I used the final attack she died I took my dagger and shoved it down her throat her army ran back. As the Trojan family we stand together as one we put our hands in the middle. Once the battle was over we headed back to the

castle. we all rested after the brutally battle that went on for 26 hours my body was so exhausted. When it was bright our we all woke up this nightmare was over.

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