The next phoenix

Now that the darkness Is sealed away I gave birth to a child named Aurora she was a bundle of joy on her 13th birthday she will become the next Phoenix I will teach her my ways now that I'm immortal I will remain the same age I am 20 once I give the Phoenix to my daughter she will become immortal she'll age but she'll stay young like me read book 1 before you read this book


5. Sister Returns

A nice peaceful day turned into excitement. Solaris knight came in saying a girl is here to see you. She claims she's your sister so he brought her in. I walked up to her I asked who are you she says Clare. My eyes widened I thought you were dead. She said I took cover in a abandoned building until the danger passes. I started crying.

So we had some tea and got caught up I was happy again. Once my daughter got back I introduce her to her aunt Clare. I told Clare about how I used to have the power of the Phoenix. Clare said she knew I told her I passed it to my daughter Aurora. Aurora was so happy to meet her aunt. I introduce Clare to my husband now that the family is together we are completed again.

I asked Clare about our mother and she said she lost sign of her. The battle was big that she lost sign of her. I started crying tears of fire came out I really miss her. I'm just glad to find my sister so everyone gathered to the table. It was dinner time we had a nice meal everyone got aquatinted. Today was a good day after dinner everyone went to there room. I took my daughter to her room and I sang a song to her.

After I was done putting her to bed my sister came she asked about her room I told her it used to be my room. My sister Clare told me it was a beautiful room tomorrow we were going for a ride. Clare asked to where and I told her that I want to show you a nice scenery I found and Aurora will be coming with us. It was girl time for us plus I can get caught up with her.

My sister was wondering about the two other women here so I introduce her to Artemis and Hera. We all got along I told Clare that I'm tired and I'm going to sleep. I said I'll see you tomorrow everyone good night. When I got into bed with James we started snuggling I felt his body. It was so hot I loved him so much we made out it was heaven.

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