The next phoenix

Now that the darkness Is sealed away I gave birth to a child named Aurora she was a bundle of joy on her 13th birthday she will become the next Phoenix I will teach her my ways now that I'm immortal I will remain the same age I am 20 once I give the Phoenix to my daughter she will become immortal she'll age but she'll stay young like me read book 1 before you read this book


4. Guardian Angel

More secrets were being discover about her guardian. He started changing to evolving into the next level. I talked to James about my concerns but he tells me everything will be ok my dear. We looked at each others eyes and we kissed. He said as long as I'm with him I'll be safe so will our family.

After a tiring day I asked James if you want to go lay down for a little bit he said sure. So we went to our room got comfortable and we were laying with each other. He stroked my back he wrapped his arms we snuggled I felt so warm right now after we were done I got dressed . Once my daughter got home she knocked on the door I asked her what she needed. She said that I can't sleep I called Nick he said I'll make sure she gets some rest. I said good night see ya tomorrow.

When morning car around we got up I went for a swim and my daughter joined me. We had some mother daughter time it was fun she was showing me new moves she learned and I just relaxed. I told her later we will ride horses through the forest I know a nice trail. She was so excited. I made the announcement and everyone got in a horse.

We were riding in the wind I showed them a nice waterfall. And that there was a secret cave behind it we went through. What we saw was amazing it was a little cramp but it was a good place. On the wall there ancient carvings and a fire bird. I was amazed with what we saw it was a great day so we got home everyone went to get settled. I just rested on my throne all of us relaxed Artemis was making bows Hera sharpened her sword. My daughter was flying and her guardian was to my husband went to gather food. Today was a good day

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