The next phoenix

Now that the darkness Is sealed away I gave birth to a child named Aurora she was a bundle of joy on her 13th birthday she will become the next Phoenix I will teach her my ways now that I'm immortal I will remain the same age I am 20 once I give the Phoenix to my daughter she will become immortal she'll age but she'll stay young like me read book 1 before you read this book


3. Auroras gift

I found out Auroras gift it was telepathy she can read minds. My gift was telekinesis I can move things with my mind. I was teaching her how to control her telepathy.she learned quick her guardian was teaching her how to write. Since she was being teach oh how to control her powers. We forgot to teach her writing within 2 hours she was writing perfectly she was writing stories and reading.

All she did in her room was read she trained during the day and read at night she was just the best. One day when she was in the forest she was out getting fruit. A strange guy came up to her Aurora sent a message to me. She said that a guy was trying to take her but she fought him back. Turns out the guy had powers Aurora was in danger so her guardian came. His name is Nick he took form into a dragon together they brought the guy back.

Once she and Nick got back I forced the guy to come forth I was strangling him asking why were you after my daughter. He wouldn't speak so my daughter used her telepathy to read his mind Aurora told me. He was going to steal the Phoenix to give to his leader I asked WHO IS HE. The guy was so scared. He said his leaders name was,Tom he was going to use the gift to destroy the world. So I called my knight I told him to put him in the dungeon feel free to torrtcher him.

I told my daughter the danger that lays ahead I told her that you will have to fight a war soon. My daughter was scared I told her my friends will accompany you on the mission. Artemis, Hera,Hercules and your guardian angel will be your back up. For now everything is peaceful the war won't begging for awhile but we have to train harder. I gave her my necklace it will unlock your full power of the Phoenix. So we trained hard who knows when the battle will start we just have to prepare.

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