Stolen Heart

I always felt like I had a dull life but tried the hardest in everything that I set my mind on. Who thought a silly nightmare would bring me face to face with you. I have no idea what I have done but all I know is that you want to kill me.


3. Chapter 3

   "D-Don't touch my hair.." I slapped his hand looking away. What the hell is he even doing here. I never expected him to appear at my school. 

   I suddenly heard a low growl come from his throat, "you know what I want." Did he read my mind? Do dragons have that ability or maybe it was clear in my face what I was thinking.

   I rolled my eyes, sticking my tongue out at him. Yes, I'm acting childish and with an attitude. "Yes and I also know the price I'll have to pay giving it back." 

   "People die all the time, no one will even notice if you do." His voice was low and cold.

   "That's not true..." I hissed trying to keep my voice low.

   "Well if they do notice they'll forget." 

   "Like you've forgotten about your princess." I glanced at him he hadn't said anything back. His head was lowered facing the desk. "Look I-" 

   "You bitch." He looked at me, his eyes filled with anger and hate.  "Don't even mention her, if you do I'll kill you here and now. I hate you and I want you dead don't forget that." 

   I bit my lower lip making sure I wouldn't say anything else while glancing towards the front of the class. It seemed that I had hit him right on the spot because for the remainder of the class he remained silent and I pretended he wasn't sitting right next to me. I glance around the room avoiding eye contact with him. I gathered my stuff in my bag towards the end of the class just like everyone else once the bell rang I felt Lionel stand up and walk out.

   Walking out of the class I looked around. I smiled when I noticed he was no where in sight. "Hey princess," I turned to face Trove my smile faded. He took my bag out of my arm I knew what he wanted he wanted to be a "gentle man" and walk me to class. I rolled my eyes taking my  my bag and swinging it over my shoulder as I walked away. "Scarlet!" He grabbed onto my wrist yanking me towards him and digging his nails into it. Why does everyone have to dig their nails into me today? "I need to talk to you," he smirked. 

   "Let go." I said coldly I don't want to deal with you or anyone. 

   "Come on princess, I just want to talk." His grip got tighter making me flinch feeling his nails dig into my skin even more. 

   "Your hurting me," I yelped, trying to pull away.

   When he didn't la hand grabbed onto the hand Trove was using. Trove flinched, squeezing his  eyes in pain. "She said let go. You shouldn't disrespect a princess like that," Lionel growled tightening his grip on Trove's hand. If he squeezes his hand a little more his fingers might snap. 

  "This doesn't concern you," Trove pulled away pushing Lionel. Lionel eyes widen, his hands became into fists. 

   "Lionel stop!" I grabbed onto his arm pulling him away. Lionel hesitated a bit at first but came with me. "You shouldn't do that, don't get involved where you don't belong." 

   "A simple thanks would be okay," he turned his back towards me. 

   I sighed,  "coming from the person who trying to kill me. Why did you help me out anyways?" 

   "You're my prey, I'm not allowed to let anyone get their hands on you before I do." 

   "Uh okay." I frowned walking away I felt his gaze turn towards me. 

   "Hey where are you going?" He followed. 

   "To my next class," I quicken my pace. 

   "But we just got out of one." 

   "Well this is high school works." 

   "Pointless." He whispered. 

   "Bye." I stopped walking, turning to my class Earth Science. When I didn't hear him say anything I just walked inside. Looking back I saw that he was just standing outside looking a little lost, before he pulled out his schedule. I would help him but he is trying to kill me so nope. I sat down in the back as always. Getting my stuff out of my bag I set everything in its place on my desk. Hearing the chair next to me being pulled. "Hey Victoria I'm sorry about his morning." I turn to face her but it wasn't her it was...Lionel. "What are you doing here!?" 

   "I'm in my next class," he smiled showing his pearly whites. Such a sweet innocent smile coming from a monster.

   "No," my eyes widen. 

   "Yes," he handed me his schedule his eyes gleamed with a hint of mischievous. 

   "No no no!" I skimmed through the paper all the same as my classes! I'm dead..

   "What's wrong?" He pulled the paper out of my hands asking in a concerned voice. 

   "You did this in purpose," I snapped standing up trying to be all though but its really hard when you are short.

   "Maybe," he smirked sitting down. Looking up at me then down at my seat. He patted the seat signaling me to sit when I didn't he grabbed my arm pulling me down.

   This is horrible I placed my forehead on the desk closing my eyes. "Hey your in my seat." Oh no! I looked over to see Victoria standing next to Lionel. 

   "I don't see you name anywhere on it." He pulled out a notebook setting it on the table before looking up at her. 

   "Well I always sit here!" She yelled drawing attention from everyone around up. I put my hand on my forehead covering my face and not making eye contact with anyone. 

   "My fair lady," I snickered when I heard Lionel voice become sweet and charming. "A beautiful girl like yourself shouldn't be yelling. You look very graceful and cute and everyone will love you. You must be very popular at this school. Sorry about this." He began to grab his things. "I'm new to this school and because Scarlet share all the same classes with me she promised to look after me today." I'm not a babysitter. Victoria's face turned apple red after all his compliments. She giggled and nodded her head letting him sit next to me she went and sat next to another class mate.  He turned to face me I felt my right brow twitch in irritation quickly looking away. "What's wrong with you?" 

   "That's rude, faking it like that." He's not sweet at all he a big lair and faker.

   "You never know, I might think she really is beautiful. Or is it because you want me to-" I pulled away when I saw his hand reaching for my hair.

   "Do you think she pretty?" He smiled looking towards the front of the class as our next class started. During class I felt my head feel heavy. This is so boring, I yawned. From the corner of my eye I glanced at Lionel. His eyes glued onto the whiteboard taking notes and listening to the professor's every word. I ended turning my head to face him he seemed like a normal high school student. Was he really that beast trying to kill me yesterday?


   We were twenty minutes into lunch. I was getting yelled at by the girls my eyes glance up to the skies. Well by Helena and Victoria. Dakota left early for a game and Sam is practicing for her choir concert. "I know, I know! Red hair is bad. Relax its just temporary." I hope I crossed my legs as I picked at the grass looking down at it.  

   "No we can't relax about something like this!" Helena started freaking out even more. 


   "Go away.." I muttered,  I thought I was free from him for a while. I looked up seeing Lionel standing over me. "I'm not done with you we need to talk now."

  "H-Hello." We turned to see Victoria as she tried to get his attention. She batted her eyelashes tilting her head a bit trying to look sweet and cute. 

   "No no no! We need to talk!" Helena pulled Victoria away from him. "So come back later please," she sweetly smiled at Lionel a fake smile. She sighed noticing he wasn't going to leave she wrapped her arm around mine pulling me up. "We'll leave then," we were pulled and dragged away from him. I was happy unlike Victoria she seemed upset. "Scarlet your crossing the line big time! And Victoria him really!?" Helena seemed pretty pissed off not only about my hair.

   "What's wrong with him?" Victoria pouted pulling away from Helena grip and crossing her arms. 

   "Look at him!" Helena eyes skimmed Lionel. "He is a total bad boy! Rebel! We do not do bad boys! Its against the rules." 

   "Oh come on Helena, he's so sweet." Victoria blushed probably remembering about earlier . 

   "A total pain in the ass," I crossed my arms this time. Victoria should have been the one to steal his heart not me, then everything would be perfect. 

   "He is not!" Victoria glared at me. 

   "Ladies." Lionel walked over to us. "I really need to talk to Scarlet." 

   "Can't you see we are having a very important discussion." Helena said coldly she can be a bitch when she wants to be. I wasn't complaining though I hope her attitude would drive him away. 

   "Go away," I smiled agreeing with Helena.  

   "Please I really need to talk to her," he insisted not ready to give up. 

   "Whatever you need to tell her you can say in front of us." Victoria smiled wrapping her arms around his coming up with a solution of her own. 

   "It's personal," he stroked her cheek making her blush like crazy. My eyes narrowed at him go die in a hole. A quick smile grazed his lips when he saw how I reacted it ticked me off even more. 

   "No we need to know what going on in every girl of our group." Helena crossed her arms letting him know that he wouldn't have it his way. 

   "Okay. Scarlet," he turned towards her then me letting me know that he was going to talk to me no matter what. 

   "Hey hey!" I waved my arms up at him before he could say anything. "I think we should talk in private." I grabbed his other arm pulling him away but Victoria had a strong grip on him. "Victoria please" I gave her a pleading look. 

   "Scarlet what ever he has to say he can say in front of everyone," she giggled looking up at him pressing he face on his arm. "Right? What did Scarlet do that you have to speak to her so urgently handsome?" 

   "Well," he looked over at me smiling in the fact that I was still trying to pull him away. "She stole my heart and that's what I need to speak to her about." I felt my heart being pierced be a knife, Helena glaring at me. My life is over.. Victoria's jaw dropped as her grip loosen. I swear if you just listen hard enough you could hear her heart break in two.   

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