Stolen Heart

I always felt like I had a dull life but tried the hardest in everything that I set my mind on. Who thought a silly nightmare would bring me face to face with you. I have no idea what I have done but all I know is that you want to kill me.


2. Chapter 2

     I held onto my stomach chuckling, "okay...seriously tell me the truth." I suddenly stopped laughing when my eyes landed on his face. He gave me a serious look. "Oh..." I looked away, "I guess your not lying. Wait! You don't mean like love!?" 

     "No, I told him something like this would have happen. That idiot.." he mumbled. I made my way towards the park sitting on the swings. "Aren't you supposed to go to school?"

     "Well," I rocked back and forth. "I did almost die see the impossible. I have questions."

     Alex strolled to the other swing sitting down. "Because he wants to kill you I'll tell you what's going on. You see my little brother doesn't have a heart. Centuries ago he saved a little girl turns out she was the princess." He chuckled at the thought.

     Aren't dragons suppose to steal princesses not kidnap them? I smiled at my thought.

     "Our older brother help my younger one find her family. She had wondered off at night. Six year old girl was big trouble you know. My little brother became attached to that girl. Iker our older bother wasn't happy with it. As for me I didn't care." He sighed his eye brows furrowed as he thought. "The rule is for a princess to marry a prince not a dragon. Love. It was that stupid forbidden feeling that got us into this mess. I was going to help them elope." He ran his hands through his hair in frustration. "Everything went wrong my little brother got out of control taking the princess in his dragon form because of that we lost Iker and after all that he lost the princess as well." 

     I pressed my lips together unsure what to say or do. 

     "He couldn't bare feeling the heart break but he didn't want to leave me alone. He did the only thing he thought would ease his pain and that's get rid of his heart."

     "But wouldn't he be dead?" I was very confused but hey like I mentioned earlier I saw the impossible. 

     "As long as it's still beating he can survive. I don't know how you got your hands on his heart but it isn't good." 

     I stopped swinging looking him straight in the eyes. "I must return his heart. Even if he thinks he better off without it I bet he isn't."

     "I don't think you want to do that. The only way he can get a hold of his hear is if you die." I gasped, die? I must die but there has to be another way. There has to be. I quickly stood up looking around I noticed everything was spinning. "Hey!" Alex grabbed my waist pulling me up before I hit the ground. "Don't worry I won't let anything happen to you. Remember I promised I would keep you safe." 

     I smiled at him he was very sweet, "but I can't keep his heart. I'll find a way to give him his heart again."

     Alex shook his head in disapproval, "no. Its far to dangerous. Besides he has lived so long without his heart, I doubt he needs it."   

     That's true I gave him a small smile still unhappy about everything that is going on. "I'm going to go home now." I began to walk out of the park exhausted. 

     "I'll walk you home."

     "Uh," I smirked, "I don't think it safe getting walked by a dragon." 

     He chuckled giving me a sweet side smile, "don't worry I won't kidnap you."

     "Kidnap?" My eyes widen as I tilted my head bit.

     He walked a little faster ahead of me turning around. He began walking backwards both of his hands in his pockets. "Pretty girls like you should be afraid of dragons you know. We have a habit of kidnapping pretty damsels in distress and lovely princesses."

     A blush crept onto my cheeks, "pretty right.." I bit my bottom lip looking up at him. "How does it feel like flying and being a dragon." 

     "Nope I can't tell you those things not yet anyway. If I reveal everything off the bat you won't want to see me anymore." I stopped walking making Alex turn around his eyes widen. "My lady! You live in a castle! You must be a princess!" 

     I laughed at his reaction, "its not a castle it just a really big house. A mansion." I looked down at the pavement kicking a rock.   

     He turned away his face bright red, "sorry I got carried away. Well your home safe my lady I'll see you around." I nodded making my way towards my door. "Scarlet!" I turned around to see Alex. "Don't be afraid I'll take care of you just please don't go into the forest!" 

     "I won't I promise," with that I entered the house. 

     "Miss Scarlet are you okay? You're home early!"  

     "I'm sorry Sylvia I don't feel good at all."

     She pressed the back of her hand on my forehead, "hmm. You don't have a fever that's good. Just go upstairs and sleep."

     I nodded throwing myself on my bed I closed my eyes.


     I brushed my red hair the next morning. Could his heart be the reason for my hair, I put a black tutu like skirt , a tight blue tank top and black flats. "I'm leaving!" I yelled from the front door. I wasn't hungry. I stopped in front of the fallen tree, I felt like something was was pulling me towards the other side. Maybe it wouldn't hurt I could see Alex. I shook my head and began walking to school.   

     "What the hell did you do to your hair!?" Victoria tugged on my hair.

     "Ow!" I pulled away giving glaring at her. I knew she would do this .

     She is a tall blonde, pale, gray eyes. The "actor" of our group in her opinion.  "I thought we all had an agreement to keep it natural." 

     I rolled my eyes, "that agreement is stupid." Even though I came up with it and I don't want red hair!
     "You came up with agreement and its an important agreement. Red hair can destroy you! You won't be able to get a good job! No one will take you serious anymore! You'll become a rebel an outsider! If you fall we all fall and the cheerleaders will control this school!" I sighed as Helena tried to make a point. She is the tiniest of our group, very skinny, with black curls, and green eyes.

    "Live a little you know. Besides Helena your a cheerleader so you'll be on the top no matter what." I turn to walk towards my class but Victoria grabbed my arm digging her nails into it. 

    "We always go to the lockers with the other two before class," she hissed giving me a cold stare.

     I frowned, "well sorry I have homework to finish." I lied yanking my arm out of her grip. I quickly walked away before she would grab me again. I really didn't want to deal with the other two. Ugh me and my stupid ideas besides I came up with that agreement in middle school. We weren't even allowed to dye our hair!  As I entered the class I went to the back sitting next to the wall putting my bag in the empty chair next to me making sure no one will sit there. 
     "Were you sick princess?" I took out paper and a pencil ignoring Trove. He is a tall blonde with blue eyes and Victoria's crush. "Did I do something wrong princess?" He smirked. I gave him a disgusted look.

     "Don't call me princess." I looked outside the window staring at the clear sky. It still was unbelievable everything that happened yesterday. 
     "Well your rich like a princess, spoiled, and beautiful by the way I like what you did to your hair. Or is it that your not the queen of this school that making you upset. I mean its barely March of Freshman year and your already very popular."

     "I really don't care about all that besides there are more things in life than money, looks and popularity."

     "Hmph really doesn't look like it princess. It seems that's all you care about. You know Victoria says tha-"  

     He was about to continue to talk but was stopped by Mr. Erik, he is an old man with thick glasses and gray hair that looks like a wig. I'm pretty sure it's a wig. "Alright class settle down and lets get started."

I hate math. Hate it with everything I got. I tapped my pencil on my notebook as he went over the same thing for the fifth time, I was becoming confused. I looked down to my notebook as his voice became background noise. I quickly looked up as he stopped talking all of a sudden to see a boy leaning against the door frame. His looks were stunning. He was tall, black hair, perfect ivory skin, his eyes royal blue eyes. He handed Mr. Erik a piece of paper, "very well find an empty seat." The boy nodded looking around until his eyes met mine. 

     Every girl kept staring not even blinking and I was guilty of that too. He took the paper back and began making his way towards the empty desk next to me. I removed the bag out off the chair quickly feeling my face heat up. Excitement of being able to sit next to the hot new guy. You could hear whispers among girls a giggle here and there. As he sat down Mr. Erik spoke, "what was your name again?"

     "Lionel Cervants."

     "Very well, welcome to the class Lionel." Mr. Erik smiled turning back to the white board. 
     Cervants. Cervants. Cervants. I bit my thumb nail, why does it sound so familiar. My eyes widen that's Alex's last name but no it couldn't be. I took a deep breath, my body felt numb. Goosebumps wrapped around my skin. I turn to face Lionel as his hand ran through my hair bringing up to his lips, giving me a devilish smile.

     "Such beautiful hair," his eyes lit up as he met mine. "So red, so beautiful." I knew he could tell how terrified I was. "You know hair like this can't be missed even if you were a hundred feet up in the sky." I felt lightheaded my whole body became numb. I felt sick.   


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