How do u come back? Nobody saved me I saved myself.


8. 8

That's it I cannot take it anymore I rush out of the bathroom past the office and ran to the bus I hopped on and sat at the back.

When I reach Amy's school I run to the front office and ask them to get Amy for me the receptionist looked suspicious but if she had put up a fight I would of slapped her. When Amy comes out she looks confused but when she sees me her face breaks into a smile , I grab her hand and walk out of the school .

"Where are we going ?" Asked Amy

"Somewhere special"

Now let me tell you about my job I work as a waitress and I always contribute what I have to the groceries but what my mum doesn't know is that I put at least $40 away either for Amy or for a plane ticket out of here!

We walk to a place called " never ending " and it's a boardwalk so long that it takes 30 minutes to walk one way along the board walk there is all kinds of stalls like ice cream and game stalls like you See at the fairgrounds we have never been to anything like this so we are all a bit perplexed by it but eventually we get into it and we have the time of our lives. When we arrive home my mum is sitting on the coach not surrounded by beer bottles in fact she looks sober but who knows she could be as high and a fucking kite.

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