How do u come back? Nobody saved me I saved myself.


7. 7

When I get to school I see a boy who I have never seen before he had brown eyes and tanned skin with chocolate hair i couldn't stop looking at him but I eventually did when I ran into a pole I groan and rush to the bathroom to see the damage.

Every school has a "cool group" no matter what you tell yourself this will always happen. When I was in the bathroom cubicle I heard the clicking of heels and know exactly who it is nobody else in school wears heels to school, one said

"Oh my god did see Bella run into that pole she's such a weirdo"

"Yeah i know and did you see what she was wearing I mean is not like she's poor her dad is like a pilot or something"

What! I can't believe this my dad isn't even here just goes to show you that people don't have real problems.

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