How do u come back? Nobody saved me I saved myself.


6. 6

Next day I wake up I pull on my jeans and a shirt I slip on my worn out converse I've had these for three years we cannot afford any. It's Amy's birthday today and I hope that it's a good one As I walk along the hall to Amy's room I hear giggles from behind the door I open it and find out mum playing with Amy, Amy looks happy but I just scowl

"Come on Amy we have to get you dressed for school"

"I can do that" my mum said

I feel so angry we are not her dogs we will not come go get her when it convenient for her. I ignore my mum and pull out some tights and a long sleeve for Amy I walk over and put them on her all the while my mum is staring at me

"Hey Amy go brush your teeth " I say when she left I spin around to my mother

"What the hell do you think you're doing!!!" I say in a dangerously low voice

"I was trying to help"

"What? like all those other times !" This time I yell! "We are not your fucking dogs ! We will not come when you need us! Just go get wasted and die!"

With that I walk out the door and I see Amy her face is creased and she looks as though she might cry then she turns and runs to the bathroom.

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