Max-Senpai~ Skydoesminecraft fan-fic Max-x-o/c

One day Luna,a very famous youtuber got an email from, Skydoesminecraft if she wanted to join sky media! And she joined! And meet her 'soulmate'? IDK!



La la la checken meh email's wat is there to find...OHHH SKYDOESMINECRAFT WAT! I clicked on the email and red. 


   Dear Luna...

                             For awaile the office and I have been wanting to ask you if you'd like to work here at skymedia. We'd love to work with you and we all love you vid's. And we think you would be a great adition. 

   Sinserly, Sky.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Oh My god...SKY WANT'S ME TO WORK WITH HIM! I quikly emailed him that I said yes and I packed all my stuff and left for the loction. Sky had told me were to go and I lived kinda close I moved right on the spot! When I got there I texted Adam and told him I was there. He walked out and told me about the stuff I needed to know. "So you'll be shareing a house/apartment with Ross Tim and, Max..." Adam said opening the door. "Cool Ross and Max have alway's been my fave. I said With a smirk. "Heh. Anyway's here we are!" I looked around and almost cryed. I have been such a big fan of this place and now i'm apart of it! "I'll take you to your office." " 'K." 

   "Okay here is your office I kinda need to record so i'll get Max to help you. He's a big fan of you." "Okay!" I cheered. I kinda had a huge crush on Max and i've never seen him in person so I was exsided. "Yo." Said Max peeking in. "Oh hey Mad- I mean Max!" "I hate you." "What-ever!" 


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