Max-Senpai~ Skydoesminecraft fan-fic Max-x-o/c

One day Luna,a very famous youtuber got an email from, Skydoesminecraft if she wanted to join sky media! And she joined! And meet her 'soulmate'? IDK!


15. Sick!

 *Cough* "Ugh!" I grunted as I tried to sit up but fell back down. I was sick. I looked over to see that I was still in a ball of plushies. And I was curled up right next to Max. He coughed as he sat up. I could tell he was sick too. "God damn it!" He yelled. I sat up too. "I guess we are both sick..." I said. "Damn." Max said looking down. "I'm still going to work." I said getting up. "Oh god." Max said. He didn't hate work. He just worked a lot there. Max stood up and went to his room. I went over To my dresser and got cozy anime pants and shirt. Once I was dressed I put on my pusheen cat jacket that I wear every day. I grabbed one of my kawaiiest plushies. I went to Max's room and put my head on the door. "I'm almost done Luna!" Max yelled in a sicky voice. Then Ross came over and asked me what I was doing. I tolled him me and Max were sick. He nodded and tolled me that he was going to work with Tim. I guess i'm going with Max and Max alone. I didn't know what I was going to do today. Stuff.


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