Max-Senpai~ Skydoesminecraft fan-fic Max-x-o/c

One day Luna,a very famous youtuber got an email from, Skydoesminecraft if she wanted to join sky media! And she joined! And meet her 'soulmate'? IDK!


8. Awkword sleeping...

 "I'm tired I might as well go to sleep!" I hoped on my bed and noticed that my bed was broken...WELL THEN! I grabed a pillow and walked to Max's room..."Hey Max? My bed is kinda broken..." "Oh yeah ha I forgot that one was broken..." "You wanna sleep here?" Max said blushing madly along with me. "Yeah I guess..." I sat on his bed and sat my pillow down. "Let's sleep i'm god damn tired!" "Okay!"

   When I woke up I felt some thing around my waste. MAX'S ARM'S WERE AROUND MY WASTE.AHHHHHHHHH! Max must have done that in his sleep...I herd someone in the hall coming into the room. "Hey-What!!! U-umm,Max?" It was Ross.Damn it. "What?" Max said sleeply. "HUH!?!" Max yelled oviously seeing me in his arm's around me. "What happened here last night?" "Ross shut your moth! She had to sleep here cause her bed is broken remember!" "Oh yeah..." "Just leave." Max moved his arm's and got up. Once he left the room I leaped to my room to get ready. Today's gonna be weird...


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