Delilah is a girl that gets good grades and her best friend karina when she falls in love with the baddest boy in school named Vincent she meet him after he gets out of school for bad kids
When she thinks everything will go so good but goes down hill what will happen if everything is ruined will she move on or will she keep loving Vincent


1. ~Where it all began~

We were in reading class and someone burst through the door it was Vincent Garret me and karina were shocked"he's back I thought he dropped out of school"I said"I know but why do we have to have a class with Vincent "karina said then Vincent say right in front of us but was alone then Vincent started talking so much that the teacher made karina and Vincent switch seats I was so nervous I couldn't talk or move because of Vincent I was sweating then karina started talking to me"so what are we gonna do after school"karina asked"um what about the mall"I said to karina"sure"karina said "yeah we should"Vincent said"sorry only me and her are going"karina said"really I'm gonna get both of yall" Vincent said"we really don't care"karina said "ok but why is she ain't talking"Vincent asked"oh she's a quiet person"karina said"ok but still I'm gonna get both of yall"Vincent said
"This is so awesome"I said"yeah you act so nervous when you see him"karina said"sorry"i said ,then we see some group of guys and it was Adam and his friends"hey girls"Vincent said"what are you doing here"karina said then Vincent said"yall chicas looking fine today"Vincent said we both started blushing"let's go eat chick-fill-a"karina said"can we come too"Vincent said"yeah sure"karina said
Karina looked at me and I was nervous"why is she ain't talking"Vincent said"she is really nervous"karina said"no I'm not"I whispered back to karina"yes you are"karina whispered back to me"what are yall saying"Vincent said"nothing we are going to the restroom"karina said
We both went to the rest room"you have to talk Delilah he is your crush if you don't say anything he's gonna go out with another girl and you will be upset talk to him"karina said"ok but I'm super nervous"I said"don't be stop being nervous"karina said
"Hey"I said stuttering"wow finally you are talking"Vincent said"well do you wanna go to the movies with me"I said nervous"yeah let's go right now"Vincent said"right now"I asked"yeah come on"Vincent said
"So what movie do oh wanna see"I said to Vincent "what about insidious chapter 2"Vincent said"no that's a scary movie no"I said"yes it's going to be awesome"Vincent said"fine"I said to Vincent "ok want some popcorn"Vincent said"yeah sure"I said then we went inside and sat down and began to watch the movie"if you think this movie is scary it ain't scary"Vincent said"it is scary Adam"I said scared"ok I'll get you less scared"Vincent said then Vincent helped me not to get scared at the end of the movie we went to were karina is"hey how was the movie guys"karina said winking at me"good"I said"she was scared as hell"Vincent said"no I wasn't"I said smiling "yes you were"Vincent said"ok I was scared it was scary ok"I said laughing "yall two cute together you know"karina said"maybe she is Right we are cute together "Vincent said"I don't know "I said to Vincent

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