Delilah is a girl that gets good grades and her best friend karina when she falls in love with the baddest boy in school named Vincent she meet him after he gets out of school for bad kids
When she thinks everything will go so good but goes down hill what will happen if everything is ruined will she move on or will she keep loving Vincent



"Hey Vincent"I said"hey"Vincent said"what are you doing "I said "nothing what about you"Vincent asked "oh I'm not doing anything "I said smiling "do you want to go to Homecoming with me"Vincent asked really confident"yes I do "I said smiling like an idiot 
"HEY"Karina said"hey Guess what!"I asked really happy "What tell me"Karina asked"Vincent asked me out to the Homecoming dance"I said jumping really happy"Omg in so happy for you"Karina said *THE DAY OF THE HOMECOMING DANCE* 
"hey y'all look fine"Vincent said"thanks"I said blushing a light shade of pink"thanks Vincent"Karina said"yeah but Stephanie cuter"Vincent said"I know but my homecoming date is Daniel"Karina said"let's go"Vincent said"ok bye see you at the homecoming dance"I said waving at Vincent"ok bye see you over there"Karina said 
"So what do you wanna do first"Vincent asked "what about we eat first then we dance"i said "sure let me go pay ok"Vincent said "ok I'll stay here"I said ,then Karina and Daniel came"hey Karina said"hey"I said"where's Vincent"Karina said"oh he is paying for food"I said"oh really how cute" Karina said winking , then Vincent comes with the food "oh hey"Vincent said ,after we are we all went to dance ,then Vincent said"hey I want to tell you something come"Vincent said "ok what is it"I asked Vincent so nervously"well I will ask"Vincent said"What"I asked so impatiently"will you go out with me"Vincent asked waiting for my answer"Yes I will go out with you"I said do happily"Stephanie what happened"Karina asked"we are going out he asked me out"I said smiling"Omg really congrats "Karina said hugging me"hey Vincent"Karina yelled"yeah what"Vincent asked"Take care of her if you break her heart I'm going to beat you up and make your life harder"Karina said"ok I will"Vincent said"oh and I wish y'all two the best ok"Karina said"ok thank you"Vincent said"thank you"is said 
"That was so much fun right"I said laughing "yeah"Karina said "y'all going to walk with us or nah"Vincent said"we can't bye"I said"bye"Vincent said

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