Victoria, Phoenix Queen


7. The Great Battle

We were walking for a short time and we all were a little scared we all talked why we felt this feeling. All our thoughts were similar we all were afraid of losing someone. I told them I've never seen my birth parents and I lost my sister but now I have a new family. Together my brother Hercules, my two sisters Hera and Artemis. And lastly my love James together forever I'm still the queen.

I saw the kingdom in the distance it was so dark we all saw the castle in the distance. It was huge the only problem was the guards guarding each entrance who knows how many. I came up with a plan Artemis and Hercules will take the guards at the door. Hera will create a diversion until me and James are inside then they came in after. This castle was really big inside as we walk we saw the throne. Great throne that was Michael's we all hid we saw Michael he sat on his thrown.

I told Artemis and Hera to lure the knight away and so they did we heard footsteps in the distance. My senses were really good I can see everything I saw guards coming. I said to Hercules that you take the guards me and James will go after king Michael. Once they all took position me and James were planning a surprise attack.

James took lead in front of me as we approach king Michael said great Phoenix queen show yourself. Michael looked at me he spoke saying what a goddess you are the queen chose wisely. I said save the compliments for yourself James stepped forth he told the king she's my love not yours.

King Michael was checking my body out he said that you should love me. He sent his minions towards James and held him tight the king approached me. I tried to fight him off but he held me feeling my breast. Rubbing my body I felt so violated James threw Michael's minions off him. He kicked Michael away from me I jumped into James arms Michael said that was a big mistake. He sent his guards towards us and minions.

I kissed James I said I'll go defeat Michael you fight his minions then Hera,Artemis and Hercules came in. All of them went to help James fight the guards. While I went up to the king I pulled my sword out saying I am the Phoenix. You will not defeat me I am more powerful then you I showed him my true form.

My body lit on fire my hair got longer my breast got bigger, I told Michael that you dare challenge the Phoenix. Michael formed into his true form he was the dark Phoenix he said that you have a chance with me. I told him I don't love you my heart belongs to James. We began the battle it was brutal but each time our swords collided. We sent sonic waves my sword lit on fire I decided to use my sonic bird scream. As I screamed he began to fall I grabbed my sword and stabbed him.

I sealed away the darkness now it will never resurface in the gate keeper I will guard this gate.

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