Victoria, Phoenix Queen


6. Preparing for battle

We were all preparing for the battle Artemis got more arrows Hera upgraded her weapon. Hercules was sharpening his sword me and James were making weapons with some metal left over. Also we were bringing some food and water cause we have to travel far distance. We need all our energy for battle. Artemis asked if we needed weapons I told her we don't we have our fire. Plus I'm the queen so yeah nothing to worry about.

Along the way we ran into some evil demons we were fighting it got really messy but it was worth it. Never mess with the Phoenix if you do you will suffer my toughest opponent will be king Michael. I told them that you take care of his minions and I'll go beat Michael alone. James asked are you going to be ok I said I'll be fine we started making out.

Everyone was worried but I have a speech saying hat we are gods we are not letting evil win. Together we will fight to keep the world at peace once and for all. Hera asked how are we suppose to do that I told them I learned a permanent sealing spell. That will seal the gates forever and I'll be the gate keeper. who will keep watch on the gate

Also make sure that none of this happens again .WE ILL BE VICTORIOUS.

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