Victoria, Phoenix Queen


8. A Ending A new beginning

Since the battle was over we all headed to the king and queen to tell them that the darkness is defeated. My reward was the queens crown my love got the Kings crown. Queen Diane said that we can't rule anymore you two are the next to rule. Suddenly the king and queen died I looked at James then Solaris night came in. He says that queen Diane and king John already did there time now it's time for them to go.

Solaris night said I am in your debt he brought me some clothes and shoes because I was still nude. I put them on it was a gorgeous a nice red dress with shoes. Together me and James sat on the throne I told Hera and Artemis that you are the princesses. Hercules will be the knight as I relaxed, I saw my sisters spirit she was standing right in front of me. She said how proud she was about me how I'm taking after her legacy I felt full of joy I got a chance to see her.

I'm going to have a kid I told James he looked at my stomach he saw a mark of a holy cross. I will be giving birth soon and that my child will posses the Phoenix. I felt happy, I hope that my child takes after me like I did with my sister. I thank god and my friends for helping me out especially my family. Now my adventure had ended but there is a new beginning.

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