Victoria, Phoenix Queen


1. Finding the Phoenix

I am Victoria, I go to a middle school called creekside, Sometimes I've always wonder if I'm meant to be on this earth. My life feels so unnatural I feel different then others,I feel like there is something missing, something I don't know. Life was kind of unreal to me I feel like I'm trapped in a dream but can't wake up. A feeling that I've felt for a long time will this feeling go away.

Everyday was the same routine going to school like others I felt like that I didn't need school. Sometimes I have visions that are a bit blurry but what I'm feeling right now is destiny. A message is telling me to find something a missing part of me that I lost. What does this mean I headed to the public library for answers. As I was looking around a book fell It looked so ancient I'm thinking what is this book. Engravings were on the cover it showed a bird a bird rising from the ashes.

This book had a Erie feeling I opened it I read each page one word at a time. It mentions a legend about a brave warrior named Clare Trojan then I had a vision, Of when I was younger the vision showed a women delivering me to safety. It was her Clare she was the one who fought the evil King, King Michael he was after her power she was the Phoenix who sealed him away.

She was my sister once the battle was over, the Phoenix left her while she was bringing me to the human world. She died the Phoenix used all my sisters strength to defeat the dark forces. All I have left is a necklace representing a heart, as I was thinking a map fell out of the book. It was showing directions to a bird it says a new women will rise, to be the next queen once you find the bird she will pass judgement. If you are worthy to take this power and seal away the darkness once and for all.

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