Fighting to live

James,Tori,Jake,Liz,and Melanie must fight to survive in a Zombie Apocalypse,James is protecting Liz the girl he loves truly.Will he fight for her love? Or will he push his love aside and risk his life?


2. Trying to survive

James POV

Its been 1 hour and all you hear is Melanie complaining over and over being tired and I said "Can you shut the fuck already geez" Liz said "James don't be rude i agree with her I'm tired too" Rebbeca and Jake nodded.We walked 20 more minutes until we got to a forest,Jake gathered wood and the girls just sat down doing nothing 😕 Rebbeca and Liz got up and Liz said "Me and Rebbeca are gonna walk around to find some stuff wanna come?" I said "Nahhh I'm fine I'm gonna help make find wood for fire" Liz nodded and walked deeper in the forest with Rebbeca.Melanie was on her phone so I just got up cause it got awkward,As I was helping him I heard a scream.

Melanie's POV

As I was on my phone I felt something grab my hand I turned around it was a zombie I screamed and I got a stick that was next to me and stabbed it through its head.I was breathing heavy,I heard the thump of footsteps coming towards me and it was James and Jake and Jake said "What happened!?" I replied and said "Um I got attacked by a zombie.." Their eyes widened and both said "Did you get bitten?!" I said "NO,I killed it before it bit me so..-" then Liz came running with Rebbeca and James said "What happened" Liz was catching her breath and said "pack of zombies was after us we should get going they're headed this way" we all nodded and headed out then a zombie grabbed Liz's Hand and she fell.James said "Guys go ahead I gotta help Liz" he picked her up and got a rock and smashed the zombies head,Liz said "I'm getting cold.." James said "Here put my jacket on" as he smiled Liz took it and said "Thanks" James said "No problem" 

Liz's POV   

James is a nice guy,I've liked him since Pre-K when we first met.As we walked it got darker and darker and we decided to stop in the forest again,As I was falling asleep I heard a loud scream I opened my eyes and Rebbeca was being attacked by a zombie I said "OH SHIT" I got a knife I had in my bag and stabbed the zombie,but it was too late Rebbeca was bitten... James,Jake,and Melanie came and said "What the fuck happened" I said "Rebbeca got bitten.." Their eyes widened and said "she's going to turn into a zombie..." Rebbeca said "Guys go without me I might kill you.." We walked away slowly and saw her slowy Change then we picked up the pace.This is just the beginning I thought to my self more is going to happen and I might lose everything.

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