The PokeGames I: Sceptile

Here's a story I wrote about a Pokemon named Sceptile and its experience in a Pokemon hunger games: The Pokegames. Hope you like it~ (still in the process of typing it up, I have to copy it off of my phone)


3. Stumble

As I approached the edge of the surprisingly steep ravine I decided to descend the rock face, as it was the only way to cross the river. No other way. Just down. Depending alot on the minute crevices, I gradually made my way downward. Suddenly, approximately half way down the rock face, the stone crumbled, and I fell with a magnificent splash into the waters below. Tentacles wrapped around me and dragged me down, there was no way for me to escape. "help!" I gargled, expecting none to come. Instinctively, I swung my tail to use vine whip, but the attack was only weakened by the Up-thrust of the water. Kicking my legs frantically, I managed to kick the pokémon in the eye. Thrusting myself out of the water, gasping rapidly for air, I caught a glimpse of the tentacruel retreating downstream. "gosh," I sighed, shaking off the excess water, "perhaps the cave was better than I thought..."

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