The PokeGames I: Sceptile

Here's a story I wrote about a Pokemon named Sceptile and its experience in a Pokemon hunger games: The Pokegames. Hope you like it~ (still in the process of typing it up, I have to copy it off of my phone)


4. Rage

The tentacruel was gone, nothing to worry about now.. KRA - BOOM! I fell onto my back due to the shockwave, but no harm was caused. "that sounded like it came from downstream.." I guessed, before turning in that direction myself, "I might as well see what the commotion is." Trudging along tiredly between the widening cliffs, I soon found myself glaring upon many atrocious battles, pokémon that seemed to be carelessly butchering each other. "This.. This is bad.. No, it's good, I seem to be one of the few remaining but.. Is this really what I wished for when I signed up?" I murmured through a face strewn with sadness and anxiety. "I.. I have to win, I won't die!!" I cried out, gathering many NPC's attention. Repeatedly using the same attacks over and over, tail whip, giga drain, tail whip! The NPCs were no match for the fury of an enraged Sceptile, a mega Sceptile! "Come on! FIGHT ME!!" I yelled, falling to my knees from tiredness. "fight me.."

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