The First Annual Online Hunger Games

You can be entered in the Hunger Games here. You can choose to be a designer, tribute, or a mentor. May the odds be ever in your favor. Good luck, no one.


21. Too Many

The people with candy colored hair and tinted and tattooed skin pointed at the train as the realized who it was, their faces lighting up.

A few of the tributes smiled out of the window, attracting more attention to themselves.

"...and so it begins," repeated Laurence, and this time a few others nodded. It was true.


Maggie, Melissa, and Kiara began to rip and tear and clean Cody, who was willing. He always wanted to look his best, and his stylists would definitely help him do that- but no one said that he couldn't have fun with it. He would shoot out flirty comments at them just to see them blush and giggle, and he would complement them just to have them comment that he was very handsome.

In the other room, May was being extremely shy, and Floral, Pierce, and Silas were just making it worse. Their comments like, "Oh, I thought One was luxuries! Not with this hair!", and, "Your hair would look better if it was longer and had pink hair, but, oh well," just made her more self-conscious.

Two floors down, Scarlet and Zephyr were already ready and sitting nervously in their robes, waiting for their designer.

One floor above them, Alexis was being lightly brushed by makeup by Raven, Walter, and Beyonca. She was being smothered in compliments, like, "I can't believe that you weren't already in the Capitol, you are so beautiful," and ,"That hair, though!".

In the next-door room, Skylar was waiting for the designer, picking at his manicured nails.

Even higher than their room were the rest of the tributes' rooms, where they all sat in their district pairs waiting for their designers.

The designers, though, had some special plans for this year.

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