The First Annual Online Hunger Games

You can be entered in the Hunger Games here. You can choose to be a designer, tribute, or a mentor. May the odds be ever in your favor. Good luck, no one.


2. The District One Reaping

Effie Trinket's hand dug into the large bowl that held the girl's names in it.  She finally settled on one scrap of paper. "May Gibbson!" she called.

A small girl with teary eyes ambled up to the stage. She was the opposite of what a career tribute should be, yet here she was. She stood timidly beside Effie as Effie called out the next name, which would be a male.

"Cody Weslan!" chirped Effie.

A tough, smiling, beefy boy swaggered up to the stage, proudly, like a peacock. At least twenty girls reached out to grab him, swooned, or blew kisses at him. He was pretty handsome, though- the face of a career.

"Please congratulate your DISTRICT ONE TRIBUTES!" said Effie, gesturing to the tributes off the stage.

What would happen to these two tributes, each one so different from the other?


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